Mikis Theodorakis speaks out: The big “yes”

A historic figure of the Greek left — and of Greek culture — Mikis Theodorakis has been outspoken in his opposition to a Macedonia compromise

Mikis Theodorakis is a living legend in Greece. Perhaps the country’s most prominent and visible living cultural figure, Theodorakis — long associated with the Greek left — has continued a tradition of expressing a “patriotic leftist” viewpoint which has gone almost extinct in the era of neoliberalism and globalism.

Following the Tsipas-Zaev agreement which, if ratified, would allow Greece’s northern neighbor to become officially known as “North Macedonia,” Theodorakis released the following statement, continuing his vocal opposition to a compromise regarding the “Macedonia” name which was also publicly expressed earlier this year, prior to major rallies against the compromise which were organized in Athens and Thessaloniki. Such opposition led to members of the SYRIZA-led government, as well as the “objective” press corps, to brand Theodorakis a “fascist” — which has become the usual attack against anyone opposing anything the “saviors” of SYRIZA have done.

Theodorakis’ statement:

Our country has been dragged into an act of historical defeat and national undermining with unknown consequences against our country and people.

Concretely it has trodden on the will of the overwhelming majority of the Greek people.

From the era of EAM [The Greek resistance during World War II] there have been cases where the Greek Left have backtracked confronting trials that many times tested the limits of human capacity.

Today for a first time those who want to be called leftists are backtracking for their personal interest. Dragging along downhill Greece and the Greek people.

After the big ‘YES’ of Mr. Tsipras that which hurts the most aren’t only the dangers that open up before us but the big Shame which will stigmatize us forever.

Athens, 12 June 2018.

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