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Mercenaries … but out of their own pockets

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ليبيا عناصر من المجموعات المسلحة السورية المدعومة #تركياً يتظاهرون في عين زارة الليبية لعدم تقاضي رواتبهم منذ 5 أشهر.

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ليبيا عناصر من المجموعات المسلحة السورية المدعومة #تركياً يتظاهرون في عين زارة الليبية لعدم تقاضي رواتبهم منذ 5 أشهر.

Because of their late salaries … resentment and protests among the Ankara militants in Libya

Private sources reported, that a state of discontent prevails in the ranks of the armed men of the Turkish-backed Syrian factions in Libya, given their delayed financial dues.

The sources reported that a number of Turkish-backed factions had demonstrated in the Libyan “Ain Zara” region in protest against the lack of their salaries for 5 months.

The sources pointed out that the officers demanded the Turks hand over salaries to them directly and not through the leaders of the factions, because leaders in factions such as “Hamza”, “Suleiman Shah”, “Levant Front” and “Liwa al-Mu’tasim” and others, are stalling in the delivery of salaries to the elements, and they deduct Some of them range from $ 100 to $ 300, and they bargain with the officers over them and deliberately late in delivering them to them.

The source indicated that about 7,000 armed men from the pro-Ankara Syrian factions are still present in Libya, despite the internal Libyan consensus to stop the fighting, indicating that Ankara is trying to preserve them as a pressure card to ensure the preservation of its role in the Libyan arena.

The source said that the militants who went to Libya for the money found themselves without salaries, in addition to being exposed to the risk of being killed at any moment in a strange country, and they do not know anything about its details, while the leaders maintain their personal safety and invest their relationship with the Turks to loot money even from the salaries of their members.

It is noteworthy that Turkey had sent thousands of militants from northern Syria to Libya to support the so-called “government of reconciliation” against the Libyan army. Hundreds of them were killed during the battles and many returned after the fighting stopped. However, the return operations have stopped completely since mid-November.

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January 4, 2021

LOL, tough titties, so the terrorists are complaining they are being ripped o by their own officers. Looks like they are pointing their guns at the wrong people. I have no sympathy for them at all. The only good terrorist, is a dead one.

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