Why men are opting out of marriage, explained in full by Dr. Helen Smith [Video]

Last night I ran across this post on reddit from the Red Pill sub which linked to a youtube video clip of Dr. Helen Smith, author of the best selling book Men on Strike.

For women, feminists and lawmakers puzzled as to why men are forgoing marriage to go it alone, go read it and find your questions answered.

For the lazy who will not be bothered to find out why men are opting out of the marriage game, here it is in one simple sentence:

Marriage has become a bad deal for men.

For more excellent insight into the topic, visit the Red Pill thread below:

Gods be praised. A WOMAN explains the current trend on why men are opting out of marriage.

And now the video clip from Dr. Helen Smith.

She steps speaks the truth, and even shoots down the beta bucks, white knight host who tries to be play up the “be a man” shame card. 

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August 29, 2014

Why men are opting out of marriage, explained in full by Dr. Helen Smith [Video]

Dr Helen Smith Explains Why Men Need To Boycott Marriage Until Laws Change

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