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McCain phoned by Russian pranksters pretending to be Ukrainian PM (VIDEO)

The infamous Russian prank phone callers Vovan & Lexus are at it again. Recently they called up California Congresswoman Maxine Waters pretending to be Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman. They told the Congresswoman, who stated that Russia had invaded Korea, that Russia is now invading Limpopo and that the US must combat this aggression.

Limpopo is a region of South Africa, although this hardly seemed to matter during the course of the increasingly hilarious conversation.

Now, though, Vovan & Lexus have phoned a far more prominent American politician, Senator John McCain, again in the guise of being the Ukrainian Prime Minister.

McCain was of course on the front lines during the 2014 coup against the legitimate Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. He has been photographed smiling with Ukrainian neo-Nazis and recently went to the front lines of the fascist war of aggression against the Donbass republics to cheer on the advancing marauders.

Because of this, the prank phone call was far more serious than it was comical. It offers the world an insight into how Senator McCain actually speaks to Kiev representatives.

During the course of the phone call, McCain expressed open contempt for Donald Trump and admitted that because of Trump questions of removing Russian sanctions, Ukrainian membership of NATO and the EU and aid for Kiev’s war of aggression have transformed from Washington gospel into a big question mark.

McCain’s repeated acknowledgment of ‘Putin’s aggression’ went far beyond agreeing with what the pranksters said. He was all too happy to encourage the fake Prime Minister in stating that Putin and Russia threaten the Baltics and Syria.

Needless to say, Russia’s participation in Syria’s war on terrorism was done at the legal request of the Syrian government, while Russia’s involvement in the three Baltic republics is zero.

That being said, McCain showed open disdain and disloyalty to his country’s President, something made more worrisome by the fact that both men are technically Republican politicians. Donald Trump would be wise to listen to the phone call, should he have any doubt as to who his political enemies are.

What’s more, Michael Flynn was effectively forced to resign from his position for having a phone call with the Russian ambassador designed to ease relations. McCain who ostensibly believed he was talking to the Ukrainian Prime Minister, has spoken to a ‘head of a foreign government’ speaking of his opposition to his own President. Logically if one condemns Flynn for his attempt at a constructive conversation, what does that make McCain?

If anyone still questioned whether the neo-con elements of the Republican party are disloyal and contemptuous of Donald Trump, this seemingly innocent prank phone call offers a great deal of insight into just how deep the war party’s opposition to Donald Trump goes.

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