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May Forces Brexit Betrayal to its Crisis Point

Authored by Tom Luongo:

The only words that were left out of Theresa May’s announcement of achieving Cabinet approval over her Brexit deal were Mission Accomplished.

Theresa May was put in charge of the U.K. to betray Brexit from the beginning.  She always represented the interests of the European Union and those in British Parliament that backed remaining in the EU.

No one in British ‘high society’ wanted Brexit to pass.   No. One.

No one in Europe’s power elite wanted Brexit to pass.  No. One.

No one in the U.S.’s power elite wanted Brexit to pass.  No. One.

When it did pass The Davos Crowd began the process of sabotaging it.  The fear mongering has done nothing but intensify.  And May has done nothing but waffle back and forth, walking the political tight rope to remain in power while trying to sell EU slavery to the both sides in British Parliament.

We’re 29 months later and the U.K. is no closer to being out of the EU than the day of the vote.  Why?

Because Theresa May’s 585 page ‘deal’ is the worst of all possible outcomes.  If it passes it will leave the EU with near full control over British trade and tax policy while the British people and government have no say or vote in the matter.

It’s punishment for the people getting uppity about their future and wanting something different than what had been planned for them.

Mr. Juncker and his replacement will never have to suffer another one of Nigel Farage’s vicious farragoes detailing their venality ever again.  YouTube will get a whole lot less interesting.

It’s almost like this whole charade was designed this way.

Because it was.

May has tried to run out the clock and scare everyone into accepting a deal that is worse than the situation pre-Brexit because somehow a terrible deal is better than no deal.  But, that’s the opposite of the truth.

And she knows it.  She’s always known it but she’s gone into these negotiations like the fragile wisp of a thing she truly is.

There’s a reason I call her “The Gypsum Lady.” She’s simply the opposite of Margaret Thatcher who always knew what the EU was about and fought to her last political breath to avoid the trap the U.K. is now caught in.

The U.K. has had all of the leverage in Brexit talks but May has gone out of her way to not use any of it while the feckless and evil vampires in Europe purposefully complicate issues which are the height of irrelevancy.

She has caved on every issue to the point of further eroding what’s left of British sovereignty.  This deal leaves the U.K. at the mercy of Latvia or Greece in negotiating any trade agreement with Canada.  Because for a deal between member states to be approved, all members have to approve of it.

So, yeah, great job Mrs. May.  Mission Accomplished.  They are popping champagne corks in Brussels now.

But, this is a Brexit people can be proud of.

Orwell would be proud of Theresa May for this one.

You people are leaving.  Let the EU worry about controlling their borders.  And if Ireland doesn’t like the diktats coming from Brussels than they can decide for themselves if staying in the EU is worth the trouble.

The entire Irish border issue is simply not May’s problem to solve.  Neither is the customs union or any of the other stuff.  These are the EU’s problems.   They are the ones who don’t want the Brits to leave.

Let them figure out how they are going to trade with the U.K.  It is so obvious that this entire Brexit ‘negotiation’ is about protecting the European project as a proxy for the right of German automakers to export their cars at advantageous exchange rates to the U.K. at everyone’s expense.

Same as it was in the days of The Iron Lady.

If all of this wasn’t so predictable it would be comical.

Because the only people more useless than Theresa May are the Tories who care only about keeping their current level of the perks of office.

The biggest takeaway from this Brexit fiasco is that even more people will check out of the political system. They will see it even more clearly for what it is, an irredeemable miasma of pelf and privilege that has zero interest in protecting the rights of its citizens or the value of their labor.

It doesn’t matter if it’s voter fraud in the U.S. or a drawn out betrayal of a binding referendum. There comes a point where those not at the political fringes look behind the veil and realize changing the nameplate above the door doesn’t change the policy.

And once they realize that confidence fails and systems collapse.

Brexit was the last gasp of a dying empire to assert its national relevancy.  Even if this deal is rejected by parliament the process has sown deep divisions which will lead to the next trap and the next and the next and the next.

By then Theresa May will be a distant memory, being properly rewarded by her masters for a job very well done.

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Jane Karlsson
Jane Karlsson
November 16, 2018

In my opinion Tom Luongo’s analysis is greatly inferior to that of Alexander and Alex.

Reply to  Jane Karlsson
November 19, 2018

I would suggest that if you want to offer negative opinion that has little point to it – I wonder if you think your opinion so valuable we all want to know it – you should perhaps give reasons. As it stands it’s just a pointless bit of spite.

November 17, 2018

I think this article has many excellent points, especially how complex pm May has deliberately made Brexit in order to make it impossible to implement. My favourite quote of the article is (edited to abbreviate) as follows:

“.. if Ireland doesn’t like the diktats coming from Brussels then they can decide for themselves if staying in the EU is worth it … The entire Irish border is not May’s problem to solve. Neither is the customs union. These are the EU’s problems.”

Amen to that.

Reply to  TEP
November 17, 2018

Remember the Lisbon treaty. Ireland tried and were told to tie the line. Not to say we won’t try again, but one thing is certain on all sides, a lot of chickens, rooster and a few foxes in the hen house are coming home to roost. May is screwed, the EU facing it’s own peril and god knows what fall out we all face by the end of it. Tensions can’t get much higher and history couldn’t be more present.

November 17, 2018

Talmmudo-Satanist Wymyn will save the world… for eating.

craig watson
November 17, 2018

The key, critical first step into civil / revolutionary war in any country / society is the breakdown of federal authority, which is what is happening in the UK and USA for a lot of good reasons. You may find it interesting to read how this very thing leads to the (imminent) civil / revolutionary war in the USA, how it proceeds in the USA, and the outcome (breaking up the USA into several sovereign nations at last, finally, long overdue): “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” by Greer, published 2015. It is very likely, timely, and written by a guy who knows… Read more »

Reply to  craig watson
November 17, 2018

A continent that knows more of revolutionary war than even the US is Europe and the fallout will be biblical, but… If war is what we’ll have, it is better we have it among ourselves and not across borders.

November 19, 2018

Well said Mr. Luongo. All you didn’t say was to point out that this woman has betrayed all those who died in WWII in order to protect British sovereignty from German rule. She also betrayed all the families of dead and damaged servicemen who had to live with the results. May she rot in hell for this – for it is not over. I do not, thank God, live in Britain any more, but I know the Island people, and Britain will end up in flames over this – literally. There were those who said at the time of the… Read more »

John Postlethwaite
John Postlethwaite
November 19, 2018

The negotiating stance was wrong from the start. We should have had the confidence to throw down the gauntlet set out a default position to Brussels from the start. That is, we will leave on 29th March 2019 and by default, we will trade with the EU on WTO rules and pay you nothing unless you offer us a trade deal.
There are some aspects of Tom Luongo’s article with which I vaguely agree but frankly, I wouldn’t pay for it, it isn’t in the same analytical league as the two Alex’s.

November 20, 2018

Brits need to ask themselves a question – who does May work for?
The Brits or Brussels?

Reply to  Shahna
November 20, 2018


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