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Maxwell, Israeli Spying, and the Epstein Connection

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Submitted by Steve Brown…

Long before the Pegasus scandal rocked the media, Israel’s intelligence services have been notorious for  their pervasive —  and some say subversive —  influence.   A recent but now-forgotten episode revealed that the Israeli government spied on the White House, and planted ‘sting rays’ in strategic locations around Washington DC.  Israel received no rebuke for that spying, and the US accepted an indicted criminal’s denials.  Such subjects are lightly reported in the US media, and even when reported – for example mossad spying on its own citizensthe stories are portrayed in a favorable light.

Perhaps less well known is that the ‘start-up nation’ subsidizes malicious code designed to target human rights activists, petitioners, and dissidents.  These corporate ‘start-ups’ are government-subsidized entities which manipulate social media and provide spyware to repressive regimes all over the world such as:


NSO Group

Black Cube


Q Labs

Novalpina Capital

… and many more. These corporates are backed — whether overtly or covertly — by the Israeli government while the Israeli media proudly declares their anti-Palestinian intent.

While the NSO group claims to provide its spyware to track ‘terrorists, drug traffickers, and pedophiles’ in fact NSO spyware is used instead to target journalists and dissidents, by state operators. The PSY-group has close ties to the mossad and Israeli military, was supposedly shutdown when investigated by Robert Mueller for interfering in the 2016 US elections*, but is now operating in Paris.

Israel’s spying on the United States is of course legend, however the US public perception of Israeli election meddling in the US is obscure.  For deep cover, Israel’s influencers have collaborated with the CIA-run major media to push the liberal conspiracy theory that only Russian influence is a major threat to the US electoral process.

However, even Jared Kushner’s Observer acknowledges that Israeli subversion of democracy in the United States is a far more tangible and realistic threat. But it would be wrong to believe that the hedge fund managers and Oligarchs who own and operate the US political process have only now implemented their fifth column subversion.   

Inevitably we must question why Israel’s surveillance state so openly and proudly markets malicious spyware products, which target human rights activists and dissidents. One answer is opportunity. A dancing gummy bear on Tik Tok is declared to be a security threat when the NSO sale of Pegasus to brutal dictatorships is not.  And Whatsapp..  Facebook..  Instagram – all hacked, run, or surveilled by  private interests on behalf of the deep state  – do not receive an honorable mention from the commander in chief when it comes to spying, while Huawei does. Thus it’s not just the Silicon Valley monopoly that the Evil Empire wants to preserve, it’s the Deep State monopoly on public data, too,  necessarily run by private companies.

Of course the US government has myriad connections to private security interests just as Israel does. For example Google’association with CIA shill op In-Q-Tel.  The CIA runs most major US journalists and media editors clandestinely. The CIA’s operations are clandestine because by law the US government is forbidden from spying on US citizens and spying-for-hire on behalf of foreign interests.  However the Israeli surveillance state conveniently and openly flogs that capability where the US cannot legally provide.

Israel’s ‘start-ups’ provide a proxy for US spying, as the number one one-stop shop for malicious spyware or security software of any type. For example, even the Check Point corporation is an Israeli firm. The obvious goal, firstly, is to maintain backdoor control. Knowing the secrets of your adversaries — whether real or imagined — will neutralize that adversary or result in an alliance. Secondly, the historic association with a certain precedent-setting individual, Robert Maxwell, helped establish Israel’s potential as a surveillance state, many years ago.

Until his mysterious death in 1991, Robert Maxwell spied for Israeli intelligence for almost fifty years. Likewise Maxwell was a major proponent of cybernetics.  (see: Springer-Verlag Robert Maxwell ; cybernetics and espionage may seem dissociated but they are not.)  Robert Maxwell saw the value of social engineering to achieve Machiavellian ends, and to some extent Robert Maxwell was a pioneer in the social media of the day.  Like Joseph Goebbels, Robert Maxwell knew that influencing what the unwashed masses believe is of most importance to maintain the State’s power.

Maxwell understood too that what mattered in intelligence gathering is who could most profitably pay for it, beyond state entities. However Maxwell was ‘shut out’ in the United States due to US legal code Title 50 section 1801 which circumscribes intelligence gathering on behalf of foreign powers.  Enter Jeffrey Epstein.

Note that the connection between Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein is undocumented. For the Maxwell’s and their ilk – like the mafia underworld – secrecy is king. Since Ghislaine – Robert Maxwell’s daughter – won’t reveal the name of her spouse… how can we ever expect to learn the truth about the relationship between Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein?

We have only one sworn anonymous revelation, to say that Robert Maxwell was the first big investor in Epstein’s wealth management fund. But alas, that’s hearsay and circumstantial.  Meanwhile the major media diverts and tells us that John Brockman was Epstein’s enabler.  But Jeffrey Epstein’s history as an intelligence asset dates back much further than that.

Les Wexner picked up Epstein in 1981. The Wexner Foundation began in the early 1980’s as a militant pro-Zionist operation and  was certainly without doubt known to Robert Maxwell.  And who was Wexner’s ‘key man’?  Jeffrey Epstein.  But does that mean Maxwell recruited Epstein as a spy for Israel? For now – unless Ghislaine testifies to it — the only smoking gun we have is the reported statement by Alex Acosta that Epstein was an intelligence asset.  But whose?

As we examined in the Navalny case – a West-led issue now suspiciously absent from the captured media —  “.. on occasion where the truth is sacrificed all around, circumstance and its opportunity may be all that remains.” Well, the ‘start-up nation’ of Israel has plenty of connection to the start-up cyber-spy entrepreneurs in the Maxwell family and plenty of circumstance associated.

Epstein’s connection to Christine Maxwell (sister to Ghislaine) and her FBI-adopted software Chiliad is undoubtedly linked to former Israeli PM Ehud Barak and the development of Carbyne as a data monitoring application to track the movement of citizens. And Epstein donated to many of Christine Maxwell’s cybernetic-inspired endeavors as well. Coincidence?

Another Maxwell – Isabel, President and founder, Maxwell-Communications Network – has deep ties to the Israeli surveillance state via Commtouch (now Cyren) and iCognito (now Puresight) – all intelligence gathering operations.

Spies, spies, spies… the Maxwell’s.  And Jeffrey Epstein. Coincidence? The big reveal must be where the puzzle pieces are missing – that Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s handler for intelligence matters.  That’s why the potential testimony of Ghislaine Maxwell is so crucial – that the truth about Epstein’s connection to both the United States Central Intelligence Agency and to the Israeli intelligence services must be revealed… and how the most powerful western Oligarchs are implicated in Epstein’s perverse and heinous crimes.

*Wealthy deviant, child molestor, and beastiality advocate George Nader — a representative of the United Arab Emirates and bin Zayed clan– as well as Steve Bannon, assassin Ahmad Hassan Mohammad Asiri, and Michael Flynn met in 2017 to discuss regime change in Iran with PSY-Group founder, Joel Zamel.

Steve is an antiwar activist, a published scholar on the US monetary system, and has appeared as guest contributor to The Duran, Fort Russ News, Herland Report, The Ron Paul Institute, and Strategika51.   @newsypaperz


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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