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Massive Pro-Police and #WalkAway Rallies SURGE Across the Nation as Conservative America RISES UP!!!

Massive Pro-Police and #WalkAway Rallies SWEEP Across the Nation over the weekend as Conservative America stands up to the left-wing rot threatening our country! In this video, we’re going to look at all the Back the Blue and Walk Away rallies that were held across America, celebrating our nation and law-enforcement, and how they demonstrate that the optimistic pro-America vision of conservatives promises to shine right into November; you’re not going to want to miss this!

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John Ellis
August 11, 2020

Conservative America — The 51% most wealth that vote to hoard all wealth

Laboring-class America — The 49% working-poor

John Ellis
August 11, 2020

An brutal rebellion between the have’s and have not’s.

A riot between the 51% most wealthy and the 49% working poor.

And as always, as the 51% most wealthy are the voting majority, as they are the gods that rule government, society has no option but to obey.

And that is why only 1% ever show up for a protest.

John Ellis
August 11, 2020

Conservative America stands up to the
left-wing rot threatening our country!”

Less than 1% of the poor scribbling words of anger on public building, and immediately you conservatives start spraying baby killing tear gas and the batons of militarized police begin bashing heads.
A failed state being one that has no desire or ability to even keep the public safe in public, come November where will conservatives find enough legalized killers to police the 40 million new homeless being forced to sleep in the rough?

Reply to  John Ellis
August 12, 2020

I hear your anger dear sir,but its Not about conservative or liberal,it’s the system of having duopoly,there is no conflict in wanting to have a law abiding safe society and the humane goals you want to achieve.I grew up loving America and still do,it’s the corruption of the political class who basically turning parts of America into third world status,the great journalist Chris Hedges as provided excellent documentaries and essays on the issue and has certainly educated me..I once made a comment on Yahoo comments sections that perhaps the older generation of politicians will have to die off for their… Read more »

Anthony Enos Wicher
August 12, 2020

I’m a walkaway former Democrat myself. I never voted Republican in my life before 2016, but I despised Obama and Hillary and there were some things about Trump and his platform I liked. I now count myself an independent, as I like most Republican politicians as little as Democrats. But Trump is something different and his re-election is essential to saving the Republic.

August 12, 2020

I can see the value in the walk away movement as Kamala “the cop”Harris is now confirmed as Biden’s VP/defacto presidential candidate,I mean Dick Cheney was the most powerful VP in history,and the DNC want to do the same with Harris,this woman is extremely dangerous,especially has she built her career on human misery and targeting the poor ethnic communities in America,Tulsi Gabbard listed her crimes and misdemeanours quite in detail such as prison slave labour and quashing evidence that would free innocent men on death row,she is part of the culturally biased structurial racism in America,she is a very poor… Read more »

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