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Massive Al-Qaeda Gas Attack On Pro-Government Aleppo Leaves Over 100 Hospitalized

Via Zerohedge

Over 100 civilians were hospitalized, including dozens of women and children, after anti-Assad militants unleashed a wave of mortars filled with poison gas on government controlled Aleppo Saturday evening.

Syrian state-run SANA published multiple photos and video of victims in the city’s hospitals being treated for what’s reported to be chlorine gas exposure. Though it’s not the first time that ‘rebels’ seeking to topple the Assad government have conducted a chemical attack on pro-government areas according to United Nations findings, it is the first time that mainstream American outlets like CNN and Reuters have featured coverage of such events.

Image source: Syrian state media. via CNN

Crucially, pro-rebel media has now confirmed the poison gas attack, specially the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), which western media have long relied upon as a go-to source of anti-Assad opposition reporting. According to Reuters:

In Aleppo city which the government controls, the shells had spread a strong stench and caused breathing problems, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also said.

In total official Syrian government sources reported 107 people were injured, a sizable portion of them children, after al-Qaeda terrorists linked to the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham alliance (HTS, the main al-Qaeda group that controls Idlib) attacked three Aleppo districts with poison filled projectiles.

Initially the death toll approached 12 according to early reports, however, it now appears there were no fatalities resulting from gas exposure, though many remain in the hospital in what international reports say is the highest casualty toll since the Syrian Army liberated Aleppo two years ago.

“The explosive (shells) contain toxic gases that led to choking among civilians,” Aleppo police chief Issam al-Shilli told SANA.

Russian jets quickly began pounding HTS positions — the group military officials said was responsible for the attack  in retaliation. The Russian foreign ministry has called on the international community to definitely condemn the attacks carried out by opposition armed groups.

The Reuters report continues:

“We can not know the kinds of gases but we suspected chlorine and treated patients on this basis because of the symptoms,” Zaher Batal, the head of the Aleppo Doctors Syndicate, told Reuters.

Patients suffered difficulty breathing, eye inflammation, shivering and fainting, he said. Hospitals had discharged many people overnight.

Ironically a Syrian and Russian joint offensive to liberate Idlib from HTS was delayed in September after the United States threatened military action over what western intelligence agencies claimed were preparations by Assad’s forces to unleash a chemical attack.

However, with what now appears a large-scale attempt by the western-backed armed groups to gas civilians in government areas, it will be interesting to see if there’s any condemnation whatsoever from Washington, London, or Paris.

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November 25, 2018

It will be a muted response at best from the Western propaganda outlets and some of the more extreme/die-hard puppet organisations (bbc, cnn, wapo etc) will probably label it a ‘false flag organised by Assad’.

Shaun Ramewe
Shaun Ramewe
November 26, 2018

Yet again the sick-minded Zio-liar pro-terrorist false-flagging illegal-invading war-criminal ZOG-Western/Arabian/Turkish sicko governments and their equally perverted and cowardly terrorist mercenaries strike again. How will this be lied about in the mainstream fake media this time?!!

Shaun Ramewe
Shaun Ramewe
November 26, 2018

So, how will the corrupted UN-OPCW lie-machine and other disgusting puppet propagandist so-called organisations sneakily get around this being their depraved US-led all-lied co-illusion terrorist-abetting anti-democracy resource-thieving political-meddling media-lying global traitors yet again?!! I bet the sadistic ZOG-backed remorphed White-Helmet terrorists who never wanted to get slyly rescued by the dirty Yanks, Israelis, Jordanians and Turks are in on it with their Zio-fiend al-Qaeda rebrands too.

November 26, 2018

At the terrorist filth that did this have been taken care of. Thank you Russia.

November 26, 2018

The mass media is reporting this because is their excuse to back off, from their earliest threats against syria. Now that the turkish supported terrorists attack with what americans and allies threaten if it happen they attack can say nothing when syria and allies eliminate once and for all this scums of the earth from the face of it.

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