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A mass grave, mutilated bodies, landmines and other moderate atrocities

2016 saw many new words become familiar terms. The real meaning of many of these can be found in The Duran Lexicon. In addition, familiar words became totally removed from their original definition. The word moderate is the most widely abused example.

Consider a group of people who behead civilians, including a 12 year old Palestinian boy, consider people who sell their rape victims on the open market like cattle, consider people who torture civilians, and last but not least, imagine someone who after killing a soldier in a regular army, cuts out his heart and liver and eats them raw.

By no sane convulsion of the English language could such acts be consider “moderate”. Extreme, sick, disgusting, sub-human, insane, dangerous, despicable are far more accurate terms.

But for the US, UK, France, Germany and other European powers, the acts I’ve described, which have been well documented by the perpetrators themselves, are acts which have been committed by various terrorist groups who have sought to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria.

Today, Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov confirmed a mass grave has been discovered in formerly terrorist occupied eastern Aleppo. Many of the bodies have been grotesquely mutilated.

In addition to the mass grave, the men who David Cameron, Barack Obama and Angela Merkel have for years called ‘moderate rebels’ had hoarded dangerous weapons including barrel bombs and illegal land-mines. Speaking of the latter, Konashenkov said:

“Literally everything, for which there was enough time and ammunition, was mined: the streets, entrances to premises, vehicles, motorcycles lying on roads, and even children’s toys”.

These are the people that the Russian military and Syrian Arab Army jointly destroyed in Aleppo. Yet US Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power screams about how Russia ought to be ashamed for eliminating this threat and freeing the people of Aleppo. Her hysterical lack of diplomacy and insane lies are beyond any form of redemption.

Meanwhile, far from putting these savages into their own mass grave, President Assad has offered amnesty to those who forsake violence in a move which can only be described as overly humane at best. ‘Naïve’ is the word I prefer.

I wonder if the western mainstream media and politicians will continue to call the body mutilators, the mass killers and cannibals, ‘moderate rebels’ after this latest revelation?

I wonder too how long members of a public who know they were lied to about Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya will continue to post idiotic memes on Facebook pretending that the liberation of Aleppo is a disaster, whilst ignoring the fact that its occupation by terrorists of the most extreme order was the real disaster they remain unaware of?

For those who still don’t understand it, let me put it this way: evidence of Assad’s ‘crimes against his people’ can be found next to Saddam Hussein’s stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. They are both works of fiction, largely from the same authors.

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