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EXCLUSIVE: Marine Le Pen’s foreign policy manifesto revealed

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Last month Marine Le Pen revealed her foreign policy program in front of foreign diplomats. Her speech received a warm and interested welcome, and, of course was ignored by the french mainstream media, much more interested by finding how many shirts and suits François Fillon got from his rich friends.

The late debate organized by TF1 between the five main candidates, Emmanuel Macron, François Fillon, Marine Le Pen, Benoît Hamon and Jean-Luc Mélenchon focused mainly on domestic affairs, the participants only had a couple of minutes to share their view on diplomacy.

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Those couple of minutes were enough to draw a line between the Atlanticists and Russophobes and the Sovereignists. Hamon was clearly the hardliner anti-Russia, followed by Macron, who, despise his emptiness and lack of program showed a clear pro Washington and globalist position. Fillon, had a more balanced speech, and insisted on the obligation of a close dialog with Moscow.

Mélenchon, if not pro Russian, clearly advocated his anti-imperialism philosophy and a full exit from NATO. MLP didn’t have the time to develop her program but explained her position of a much stronger and independent France, freed from the bad influence of America and the European Union.

I had access to her program and one of its co-authors, the less to say is that the document shows a rupture with the image and ideology projected by the opponents of the National Front.
 The main explanation to understand the weakening of the position of France in the world have a common origin, the refusal to admit reality.

The reality of the world is replaced by a variable geometry morality an a neocolonialist nostalgia in which France is drawn by its pseudo-allies.
 All the recent mistakes of French diplomacy are rooted in this refusal to see the world as it is but as it is seen by its so called allies who prioritize their own interest.

The French positions on Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and Crimea were strong mistakes based on lies, misunderstanding and misinterpretations.
 MLP is preaching for a new analysis of history which takes into consideration an essential element, the soul of the people, or the archetypes of nation, to use a Jungian concept. It is time for France to get its independence and sovereignty back, make its own decision according to its own interest, and not accept to be drawn in unnecessary wars or conflicts.

MLP is advocating a strong rupture with the moralistic diplomacy and its colonialist nostalgia and guilt, and the return of the principle of non- interference and the right for the nations to decide of their fate.
 France too often was driven into conflicts which were in opposition with its own interest and even with the UN. The French administration failed to protect the independence of the country and served foreign interests, which can be called high treason.

Solving problems with bombs is a sign of weakness, and France fell too often in this trap. The world is made of nations, their numbers have never been that high, refusing to admit it shows a strategic vacuum and the incapacity to analyse long term History. This is why the European Union is a structure which belongs in the past, the future is not globalisation but strong nations. The Europe of the people will be built against the bureaucracy of Brussels dear to frau Merkel.

The USA are still pursuing their dangerous strategic drift, putting the world at risk and considering their allies as submissive, pushing government changes. A change of policy is expected with their new administration, but not taken for granted.

Russia is no longer the USSR. Russia is a key element in making the world a safer place, in Asia and the Middle East. Russia paid the stronger price during World War II, and the European Union and France tend to forget about that. France’s role is to do everything in its power to bring Russia closer to Europe, and work with it to fight terrorism and the uni-polarisation of the world.

A last central point in MLP’s program is the strong will to built a new diplomacy and policy with the African continent. The stronger control of the migratory flows means also building bilateral relations in trading, education diplomacy, and fighting terrorism. Africans should be considering their continent more attractive than Europe, France and its universalist philosophy should help them to achieve that goal.

MLP’s program shows a balanced approach of the problem of the modern world where France should restore its independence and strength as a sovereign nation, respecting its allies and staying away from the dangerous adventurism showed by the actual French administration. Donald Trump, for the moment didn’t show a rupture with Obama’s policy.

The US is still pushing colored revolution and government changes, as recently in South Korea. The latest military developments in Iraq, Syria and Yemen are not bringing optimism. It is the time for European countries to elect strong leaders and bring some balance in the international relations and focus on the actual and dangerous problems like the absolute necessity to eradicate islamist terrorism. Globalization is not the solution but the problem, strong nations, interconnected with cultural and trade relations are the future and the key to a more peaceful world.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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