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5 things that may cost Macron votes and none of them have to do with Russia

Emmanuel Macron’s French Presidential campaign continues to put out nonsense stories about ‘Russian hacking’. The bogus stories have been described by Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov in the following way,

“It resembles the accusations made by Washington, which to this day remain hollow, doing no honour to the people making them”.

As with Hillary Clinton, if Macron loses in the second round of votes to Marine Le Pen, the loss will be due to his own failures, not to fake claims about Russia.

With that in mind, here are the actual electroal liabilities of Emmanuel Macron.

1. He Is Insincere 

Macron presents  himself as a ‘political outsider’ and as an ‘anti-establishment’ candidate.

His ‘man of the people’ credentials include being a French government Minister for two years and prior to that, working as an investment banker at Rothschild & Cie Banque. Nice try, Emmanuel!

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2. He Is A Warmonger 

Macron has stated that he wants military intervention in Syria, a position more extreme than even the most recent statements from Washington. Is France, which under President Charles de Gaulle withdrew from NATO in 1966, now going to be led by a total pro-NATO warmonger?

One can only hope not.

3. He Loves The EU

With Euroscepticism in France and Europe as a whole at an all time high, Macron loves the EU just the way it is. Is this really a winning electoral position in the age of Brexit?

4. He Is A Globalist 

Free trade, no job protection, Angela Merkel style border policies. That’s Macron in a nutshell, but then again what else would one expect from a Rothschild man?

5. He’s Little More Than An Opportunist 

The only thing stranger than a Rothschild banker joining a ‘socialist party’ is then leaving it to start one’s own party, a party driven by little more than the ego of its founder. But that is exactly what Macron did.

When the Socialist Party was on its way up, he was a Socialist. Now that the party has become a tarnished political brand in France, he started is own party called En Marche!, a party which stands for….nothing really, just Emmanuel Macron.

If people see through this shameless opportunism they may think twice before casting their vote for Macron.

If any of these things prevent him from becoming the next President of France, he can always blame Putin again.

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