Marine Le Pen calls sanctions against Russia a “shameful measure” forced upon Europe by the US

Marine Le Pen continues to speak out against bad policy decisions from EU leaders, that quite frankly makes no ethical or economic sense whatsoever.

From an ethical standpoint, the EU is supporting a illegal government that came to power from a violent US coup (for which Europe played its part).

From an economics standpoint, Europe is losing a huge market in Russia, tourism will suffer this summer, energy needs are now in a constant state of tension, and farmers were demolished by Russia’s embargo on EU fruits and vegetables…oh and the Euro has crashed to the point where it is in near parity with the USD.

Sputnik News Agency reports…

“The only result of the [anti-Russia] sanctions introduction is the major economic difficulties that the EU countries faced,” she said in an interview with Russian television channel Rossiya 24.

The sanctions seriously affected France’s economy in particular, especially apple producers and pig farms, according to Le Pen.

“I believe that the sanctions are shameful measure, which was introduced by the European Union at the request of the United States. It has exacerbated the situation and greatly complicated the work of diplomats,” the French politician added.


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March 21, 2015

It might take the election of Marine Le Pen to knock the EU out of its subservience to the US.

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