How many clowns make up the Ukraine government?

The comedy that is the Ukraine government never seems to leave us short of laughs.  In the latest edition of how to be a high ranking government official but act like a total tool, we present Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Andrey Deshchitsa. bring us the details…

In an incident that may be a first in diplomatic history, Kiev’s top diplomat publicly ‘effed’ the head of another state. Foreign Minister Andrey Deshchitsa chanted “Putin’s a f**ker” with a cheering crowd that earlier vandalized the Russian embassy.

Deshchitsa arrived at the scene of the heated protest – which involved overturning cars belonging to embassy staff, the desecration of a Russian flag and pelting the building with firecrackers and paint – in an apparent attempt to defuse the crowd.

He confronted some of the protesters – or rather sided with them. Footage of the encounter shows the minister saying he is all for the protest and its goals.

“I would stand up here with you can say, Russia, get out of Ukraine,” he said. “Putin’s a f**ker, right!”

Now the video of one of the highest ranking Ukraine cabinet officials acting like an unprofessional terd.  I was always under the impression that as Foreign Minister (i.e. Secretary of State) one needs to be a skilled diplomat with manners, intellect and class. Oh well, this is the clusterfuck known as Ukraine.

What is even more astounding is that the public cheered him on, for which Deshchitsa got even more rilled up with excitement.  It was like a school playground of skin head neo-nazi football hooligans egging on the nerdy oligarch.

After the incident, the Foreign Minister backtracked on his little outburst saying his performance was necessary in order to protect the Russian embassy.

“People were very angry and we had to stop those people, not to let them go further, not to allow an attack and siege of the embassy,” he told Echo of Moscow radio. “They wanted to burn the embassy down.”

The Ukrainian government did not immediately comment on Deshchitsa tough guy antics, and the Russian Foreign Ministry was left a bit puzzled as to how such fools end up in such prominent positions.

My hunch is that if Deshchitsa was face to face with Putin, he would shit in his pants. Likewise if Ukraine did not have the false sense of U.S. and NATO protection, they would not act like power soaked, drunk sailors.  One look at what is happening in Iraq would provide appropriate pause for Ukraine citizens, as they continue to align so arrogantly (and disrespectfully) with western powers.

Unfortunately, where their is one clown their are sure to be more.

Oleg Lyashko, a Ukrainian MP who scored the third-best result in last month’s presidential election, chanted the same profane song at a rally amid the election campaign.

Deshchitsa was not the only Ukrainian politician to make controversial moves at the Russian embassy on Saturday to appease the crowd. MP Nikolay Rudkovsky was also at the scene and was practically forced to hurl a stone at the embassy by the protesters, video footage showed.

However, this didn’t convince everybody of the parliamentarian’s patriotism and loyalty to the people of Ukraine. As he was preparing to leave, a masked protester accused him of being a moneybag driving around in a posh car and sprayed his face with green paint, the same that was used on the walls of the embassy.

If the current government was not so sinister in its killing of Eastern Russian women, children and men (their very own citizens to be exact) the above outburst would be 100% laughable. Unfortunately what you have is a sad situation from a once great country and people.

And all this reminds me of one simple rule all men must follow, but Deshchitsa seems to have forgotten:

You never taunt and disrespect a man who is bigger and stronger than you.  You just don’t do it!  The more you fuck with a bigger man, the greater the chances you get your ass whopped.


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