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Majority of Americans believe likely US ‘Soon Be at War With North Korea’

WASHINGTON, (Sputnik) – A majority of voters in the United States say they believe the United States and North Korea will likely be engaged in a military conflict in the near future, a new Rasmussen poll revealed on Friday.

“Most voters think it’s likely the United States will soon be at war with North Korea,” the poll said.

Sixty-three percent of Americans say they believe the United States will take military action against North Korea as tensions build up between the two countries.

The poll was conducted by phone and online Wednesday through Thursday among 1,000 US citizens, and has a margin of error of plus-minus 3 percentage points.

Last week, the UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution tightening sanctions against North Korea. Commenting on the sanctions, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un promised to take decisive steps against the United States, including “physical actions.”

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump threatened Pyongyang with “fire and fury” if it made further threats against the United States and its allies.

North Korea replied on Wednesday it was considering a missile attack on the US island of Guam, which hosts several military bases for the US armed forces.

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