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The mainstream media is preparing to wage war on Ivanka Trump

When mainstream media sunk their fangs into Ivanka Trump for being present at a meeting with her father and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe, I know it was a sign of bad things to come. Not content just to slander the President-elect, the pernicious mainstream media are now setting their sights on Trump’s family.

Contrary to her portrayal in the mainstream media, Ivanka is an intelligent woman who has achieved success both within and outside of her father’s businesses. Throughout the campaign, she conducted herself in a dignified and honourable manner. She neither neglected her apolitical commercial interests nor did she fail to offer kind words about her father’s campaign.

The New York Times published an article saying that Ivanka’s presence at the meeting between her father and Mr. Abe ‘raised questions’, the remainder of the article was vague at best when it came to defining what those questions were.

Leaders have advisors, confidants and assistants who operate in a variety of capacities from the incredibly formal to the deeply relaxed. I do not specifically know what capacity, if any, Ivanka Trump was operating in during the meeting. She may have just been an observer. There is nothing wrong with any of this and deep down the scoundrels at the New York Times know this.

The truth is that many of the yellow journalists at organisations like the New York  Times, are deeply jealous that they did not have a childhood nor adult lifestyle as comfortable as that enjoyed by Donald Trump’s family. They may also be jealous that they were unloved by their parents where clearly Donald Trump is an exemplary parent who always ensures his children are well looked after and that they are included in decisions regarding the family business.

In this sense, the Trumps ought to be thought of as the Kennedy family without the scandals. They exude warmth, dignity, intelligence and patriotism. Whilst I may not always agree with every political stance taken by Trump’s children, I respect them as people and should any of them want to play an official role in the Trump White House, I cannot for the life of me see how that could be a bad thing.

It is a tragedy that Ivanka will be lacerated by the mainstream media, and mark my words, things will only get worse in this respect. They cannot bear to see a young, successful, fashionable woman who doesn’t submit to a new-liberal or cultural Marxist view of the world. She strikes me as a realist in every sense. She’s a real woman, living in the real world and unlike the hacks at the New York Times, I wish her and her siblings every success. I also advise them not to waste their time reading the mainstream media.

Instead, I personally invite them to subscribe to the Duran Newsletter.

Here they will find a mixture of support and healthy disagreement with Donald Trump’s policies, but they won’t find snide and jealous attacks on a good father and his inspirational children.

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