Lugansk Colonel Oleg Anashchenko is the latest assassination victim in Donbass

The fascist regime in Kiev continues to use terrorist techniques to assassinate military commanders fighting for their fledgling Donbass republics.

According to Sputnik, Col. Oleg Anashchenko of the Lugansk People’s Republic was the latest victim of an assassination after his car was blown up.

This is just another in a line of many assassinations of prominent commanders from the Donbass Republics. In October of 2016, Donetsk People’s Republic Commander Arseniy ‘Motorola’ Pavlov was the victim of a terrorist attack in a lift at his block of flats.

These attacks show no signs of abating, which poses serious risks not only for military leaders of the Donbass Republics, but also for the civilians who live with the men who have risked their lives to defend their land from fascist aggression.

What for the fascist regime is a cat and mouse game designed to extort money from its increasingly few supporters in Europe, is the reality of life and death for the people of Donbass.

The idea that NATO would wage full-on war in the name of fascist claims over Donbass was never a threat I found credible. There’s a big difference between putting artillery and tanks in Eastern European states which have forgone their own right to self-defence in order to become NATO vassals and an actual plan let along a willingness to wage war.

With Europe in a state of political flux and the Trump administration far more focused on the Persian Gulf than Eastern Europe’s frontier lands, the thought that NATO would be prepared to make a war against the Donbas Republics seems both fanciful and remote.

Ideally, there would be a global effort to combine diplomatic forces to stop Kiev’s aggression. In reality, whilst NATO does not have the appetite for war, NATO leaders seem neither to have a great hunger for peace. They instead prefer to ‘watch and wait’ to see if the fascist forces they once expended so much political and material capital on, might ‘win’ their war of aggression. History proves that such a hope will be dashed by manifest realities.

Whether the Vietnamese people defending their land against French and later American aggression, Algeria fighting for independence in the 1950s and 1960s or indeed the Iraqis who resisted occupation, irrespective of their views on Saddam, people fighting for their own land against foreign aggressors are surprisingly determined, in spite of any odds.

Such will be the case with Donbass. One can only hope that for the sake of the men, women and children of Donbass, the powers seeking to subdue Donbass, will learn this lesson of history sooner rather than later.

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