What does love cost a man? This website calculates the costs incurred from dating, marriage and divorce

Is western society pricing dating and marriage out of existence? More and more men are MGTOW and finding that after some cost benefit analysis, and lots of soul searching, dating and marriage are simply not worth the financial risks they entail.

The website, What Love Costs ( takes an even more practical approach, by running an opportunity cost analysis on dating, marriage and divorce, against going to a professional escort to have your ‘needs met’.

The What Love Costs site explains its service:

Everyone at one time or another has wondered how much they have really spent when either dating, married or divorcing someone. You may have a vague idea of what your relationship has cost or is costing you but until you enter and track actual costs and other data you’re really just taking guesses. Enter WhatLoveCosts – the worlds first Love Calculator. So what does that mean?

You enter data into either of the 3 forms (dating, marriage or divorce), algorithms are then run real-time that calculate how much money and time you have spent compared to what you have gotten out of the relationship in other ways. You will see if the effort and money you are expending is worth the return you are getting.

A relationships with a parter is the single most important investment of time and money that you can ever make. It can and will affect every part of your life for quite possibly the rest of your life. With something that of magnitude you owe it to yourself to ensure that you are making a good investment of your time and money.

It’s also a place to share stories about what love has cost others. You can submit a story yourself or read the experiences of others. Learn from them, let them learn from you. The more knowledge that everyone can share the better everyones future relationships can be.

WhatLovesCosts gives you information that you never had before about your relationships. There is no site on the internet anywhere like it, use your new found knowledge wisely.

Notice the Professional Companionship Cost calculator on each form. Is that the field that makes a man rethink his choices…Buyer’s remorse?

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RT @redpilltimes: What does love cost a man. This website calculates the costs incurred from dating, marriage and divorce…


RT @redpilltimes: What does love cost a man. This website calculates the costs incurred from dating, marriage and divorce…

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