Hungary is looking more and more like the next ‘regime change’ target of the US and EU ruling elite

When you defy the EU or US you become a target for immediate regime change. Maybe a color revolution, maybe a quick trip by John McCain, or a Victoria Nuland “F*** the EU” phone call.

Anyway you slice it, a country leader that aims at sovereignty and self determination, is a dangerous leader in the eyes of the prison planet we call the Western sphere of influence.

Hungary’s democratically elected Prime Minister Viktor Orban is now such a target.

Why? Because he made the fateful mistake of green lighting the South Stream pipeline from Russia, that will give his nation cheap and reliable energy removed from the folly that is the Ukraine transit line. And because Orban is looking after the best interest of his country and not the bank accounts of the Brussels and Washington oligarchs, his government has been targeted for extermination.

Expect more protests, marches, and western media demonisation to ensue in Hungary, with each section of South Stream that gets built.

Orban will be billed as a dictator, heavy handed ruler, communist, Hitler, Stalin, etc… until some engineered event creates a violent reaction that the western MSM will brand as a fight for “democracy by the people.”

EU media parrot, EuroNews reports…

Thousands of Hungarians have marched through the streets of the capital Budapest protesting against alleged corruption at the country’s tax authority.

In particular they are calling for the resignation of Hungary’s tax chief after she admitted she is among several government officials barred entry into the US on charges of corruption.

Many of the demonstrators directed their anger at Prime Minister Viktor Orban:

“I bet that at least half of the people who are here now voted for the ruling Fidesz party before, but they regret it now, but Orbán thinks he can do anything and act as if we are stupid,” said one demonstrator.

“I think that there will be more protests because of this, and the management should resign, a change should happen, the government should change and shouldn’t hush up these things,” complained another.

Recently massive street protests forced Orban to rethink plans to introduce a controversial tax on internet use. It was a dramatic U-turn for a leader who rules with a big parliamentary majority.

“The protesters hope that with this demonstration they can repeat the success they had with the internet tax demos. If this doesn’t happen, the organisers say they are going to protest again on November 17.”

The regime change formula is now well known and becoming common practice.

The only safeguards any country can now have in order to retain any level of independence, identity and sovereignty is the removal of western backed NGO’s (i.e. anything with a Soros name attached to it), and embassies from nations that are covertly working behind the scenes to create the sparks of discontent.

Hungarian citizens would be wise to not fall for the promises of riches that Washington and Brussels always dangle in front of them, by simply looking at Libya, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and even Greece and Cyprus.

Remember the real criminals are sitting in their ivory towers in Brussels.


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November 12, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: Hungary is looking more and more like the next ‘regime change’ target of the US and EU ruling elite

November 12, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: Hungary is looking more and more like the next ‘regime change’ target of the US and EU ruling elite

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