Russophobe Louise Mensch: a conspiracy theorist without a theory

While the rest of the world has more important things to do, a failed British politician and self-confessed former drug addict called Louise Mensch has been doing the rounds in the US spouting Russophobic conspiracy theories that would even make the folks at CNN and Washington Post, cringe with embarrassment.

I think only former fascist Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk can match her when it comes to patent historical lies, patent lies in the present and odd, twists of illogical contradictions that would make Bill Clinton appear as honest as Abe Lincoln.

Last year the permanently unhinged conspiracy theorist spouted racist remarks about Russia having no culture.

Now she is claiming that the phrase America First was a Nazi slogan invented by Russia. First of all, the slogan is American and drives from the ‘America First Committee’ formed in 1940.

The AFC was a bi-partisan group of American citizens which opposed FDR’s increased involvement in the Second World War, prior to the US formally entering the war in late 1941 after the Pear Harbor Attack.

So nothing to do with Russia or Nazis. The mere fact that she associated Nazism with the country which gave nearly 30 million people to defeat Nazism is not only an insult but a mind boggling lie.

What beggars belief is how anyone, anywhere could take her seriously. I could understand if her insane statements came out of the Rada (Parliament) in Kiev, but even by the standards of American or British Russophobia, her entire raison d’être seems absurd.

Either she is the biggest publicity whore to grace earth or she is suffering from some sort of profound derangement. Her unhealthy obsession with Russia has led her to accuse Russia of the impossible, the obscure and the inane.

Perhaps it is all contrived, some sort of plot and she’ll one day admit that she’s just joking. But she’s kept a straight face for quite a while now.

As a humanitarian, I do hope that she receives the psychiatric help she deserves.

Now, as always when it comes to a post on this unhinged loser, let’s listen to some Russian music together and remind Louise Mensch about the culture she says is non-existant.



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