Look out CNN, Fox News and BBC…ISIS TV is set to launch. Ready to serve up caliphate propaganda

They have tons of American weapons, thriving oil sales, a strong social media strategy, an upcoming bank, and now a new 24 hours TV station in the works. Is it me or is ISIS becoming a full on nation-state?

Keep in mind that ISIS already operates a Musol-based radio station called al-Bayan, and a satellite TV station called Tawheed, in ‘NATO liberated’ Libya.

Sputnik News Agency reports:

Dubbed ‘The Islamic Caliphate Broadcast’, the TV channel will feature a series developed by John Cantlie, a British journalist, who was abducted with now-beheaded US correspondent James Foley in Syria in November 2012. The channel will also broadcast a weekly program called “Time to Recruit”, aimed at encouraging young Muslims to join the IS, according to the newspaper. 

The Islamic State, possibly the most brutal militant group in the Middle East, is notorious for using social networks and media outlets to appeal to young people in the region and globally through engaging images, catchy slogans and professionally edited videos. The group already has a radio station, known as al-Bayan, based in Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, seized by militants in June. The IS also operates a satellite TV station called Tawheed in Libya, according to the Independent.

Last week, Twitter and Islamist forums were flooded with posts sharing what Vocativ called a “teaser” video advertising the new channel and a link to the website that would allegedly host it. However, J.M. Berger, an analyst who follows jihadist movements online, told the Washington Post that the website was likely a “fanboy effort” not backed by the Islamic State.

Given how ridiculously poor the reporting is on CNN and the BBC, the upcoming ‘The Islamic Caliphate Broadcast’, or ICB, may actually be more accurate than the propaganda western MSM channels currently operating…how sad is that.


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January 19, 2015

RT @redpilltimes: Look out #CNN, #FoxNews and #BBC, #ISIS TV is set to launch. Ready to serve up caliphate propaganda

January 19, 2015

> “sarinafa: RT redpilltimes: Look out #CNN, #FoxNews and #BBC, #ISIS TV is set to laun…

January 19, 2015

Look out #CNN, #FoxNews and #BBC, #ISIS TV is set to launch. Ready to serve up caliphate propaganda”

January 20, 2015

#Look out CNN, Fox News and BBC…#ISIS TV is set to launch. Ready to serve up… #Politics

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