Liberal Super PAC paid “feminist” attorney Lisa Bloom $200K to dig up a sexual misconduct case against Trump

“Feminist” attorney Lisa Bloom was enriched to advance liberal left political objectives.

Author and radio host Mark Steyn sounds off on recent revelations that a liberal super PAC paid “feminist” attorney Lisa Bloom $200,000 to bring forward women accusing then-candidate Donald Trump of sexual misconduct in 2016.

Via The Washington Free Beacon

American Bridge, a liberal super PAC founded by left-wing operative and longtime Clinton ally David Brock, spent $200,000 to bring forward accusations of sexual misconduct against then-presidential candidate Donald Trump before Election Day in 2016, but the group never disclosed the payment on its 2016 tax returns, according to a new report.

New York Times reporter Kenneth Vogel tweeted Tuesday that “@American_Bridge did not disclose on its 2016 tax return that it paid $200k to @LisaBloom’s law firm to help bring forward sexual assault accusations against TRUMP.”

Feminist attorney Lisa Bloom seized on the political potency of the multiple sexual harassment accusations against Trump shortly after he secured the Republican presidential nomination in July 2016, reaching out to the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC for money to help her law firm vet claims against Trump, the New York Times reported.

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john vieira
john vieira
January 6, 2018

If was living in Russia, China or Southern India would really hope ‘these people’ GET what they are wishing for…Actually it is a “miracle” that Trump is still battling on…with the entire corrupt mainstream media and every “whack” job in the US and NATO….and the ‘backward’ muslim world out for his blood…

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