Liberal looney Kathy Griffin booed off Irish stage (Video)

She called Ireland the United Kingdom.

Kathy Griffin got booed in Ireland right before she passed out on stage.

The balding, washed up, looney, and Irish American comedian came on stage in Dublin to tell the Irish crowd…

–it was nice “being in the United Kingdom.”

Irish Central reports…

Kathy Griffin was booed by the crowd at her Dublin performance on Wednesday, November 8 after she mistakenly included Ireland as part of the United Kingdom.

She stated it was nice “being in the United Kingdom,” and seemed genuinely shocked when the friendly crowd suddenly turned to her booing and catcalling.

Griffin became so startled she had difficulty continuing with her routine, The New York Times reported. Most of the Irish people at the show in Vicar Street clearly believed Griffin, an Irish American, should have known better.

She has been a frequent visitor there and visited her grandmother’s hometown of Drogheda in Co. Louth in 2007with a TV camera in tow. Her Irish escapades were filmed for her Bravo series “My Life on the D List.” She was given a civic reception

On Wednesday in Griffin gave what the New York Times called a “wild two hour and fifteen-minute performance” and compared her to Lenny Bruce.

The crowd showed sympathy for Griffin, who used her sudden fainting spell to avoid further backlash from the audience.

Kathy Griffin spoke about the incident after the performance…

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Isabella Jones
Isabella Jones
November 13, 2017

Please, world, be more aware of how much those of the British Isles who are Celts, with our own language, history, mythology, music – utterly resent the English and their contemptuous treatment of us down the years, and totally reject anything that links us with them. I keep writing, when I read of “UK Colonialism” – we Welsh had and have nothing to do with the Westminster English Aristos who have been doing this for generations. Leave us out – we are peaceful farmers, poets, songsters, artists and innovators. WE dont invade other countries purely to destroy them and steal… Read more »

Reply to  Isabella Jones
November 14, 2017

Just to greet Kathy }:-)

Reply to  Manimal
November 14, 2017
Conor Mac Nessa
Conor Mac Nessa
November 14, 2017


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