The Liberal Guide to spotting a Nazi

We live in a highly volatile, even dangerous times, when those inflicted with a Nazi-bacteria move freely among us, subjecting themselves and those around them to tremendous dangers. It is the duty of all concerned citizens to detect these infiltrators and report them immediately to the proper authorities at the Clinton Foundation.

The future of the republic is at stake, so to help you remain vigilant, here is a simple ten-point test of detecting a Nazi. This guide will prove to be particularly beneficial when used along with The Malleus Maleficarum also known as Hammer of Witches.

1. Try to find out how this person voted in recent election. If the vote was not for HRC, this specimen is a Nazi.

2. Have you seen this person breaking up in tears at least once since the last presidential election? If the answer is “no” – a Nazi.

3. Has this deplorable cracked up a politically incorrect joke at least once? – A Nazi.

4. Does this person burst into cursing after hearing the name, Steve Bannon? If not – a Nazi for sure.

5. Has this person ever expressed his doubts about the political wisdom of President Obama, or such luminaries as Ashton Carter or John Kerry? – a Nazi.

6. Has this person paused for more than ten seconds before spewing “dictator” after hearing the word “Putin” pronounced? – A certified Nazi.

7. Has this individual ever expressed doubts about unhealthy intellectual, moral, and political dependence of European leaders, such as Merkel, Cameron, or Hollande on their Washington handlers? Has this person smiled when you mention the names of Karl Bildt, Radek Sikorski, or Anders Fogh Rassmussen? – Smiles and doubts at the expense of your sacred cows are sure signs of a Nazi.

8. Have you ever observed this lady reading any alternative news sights? Has she ever referred to any fact without referring to the authority of New York Times? You surely have a Nazi on your hands.

9. Has this person ever expressed his irritation with Hollywood stars and their ridiculous interference in the political process? Has this guy ever said, “I don’t need a BJ from Madonna, I am still voting for Trump.” That’s a seriously committed Nazi, a person who is beyond repair for sure. If Madonna can’t help him, nobody will.

10. Has this individual ever mention to you that endless military adventures abroad have very little to do with human rights, but a lot with the propping up of the collapsing Empire? – That’s an ultimate Nazi, who obviously recognizes only one Empire: The Third Reich.

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