Liberal conniptions: CNN and other major LEFT-leaning outlets praising Trump over possible North Korea talks

While many lefties love the idea that an American President has succeeded in getting Kim Jong-un to talk, Obama devotees choke at the concept

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Liberals have an uncanny and unreasoning love for dictators and tyrants. It is not immediately clear why this is so, but this has been so for decades if not longer. With examples like Ted Kennedy sending secret messages to Andropov on how to deal with President Reagan, and various intrepid reporters sent to meet with and talk to despots all over the world, the interest in the CNN-esque media in Kim Jong-un is nothing new. In the corollary pattern to this, the same leftist media also despises conservatives. All a person has to do is put an (R) before their name and that person is a barbarian, a thug, evil, a hater and so on.

Well, the Lefty media got a shock on Thursday when Kim Jong-un’s request for talks with US President Donald Trump was accepted by the American conservative president. For some CNN infobabes and infodudes, this was like an overload:

Ms. Burnett’s comments here were echoed by Elise Labott who suggested that President Trump’s “maximum pressure campaign”, that had been derided by media on BOTH sides of the ideological spectrum as “crazy, insane, ill-informed” has actually worked.

This went even farther with Elise’s comment below:

I think you have to trust but verify and the U.S. is not going to just give away everything. President Trump does have good advisers around him. I think it is a different moment. I think it’s significant. I think President Trump, as we have said, does deserve credit for this maximum pressure campaign working, but I think you need to be skeptical about what the North Koreans are going to do.”

Similar sentiments flew from many mouths across the liberal sphere of the universe. However, not all was with bright colors over in Unicorn Land. Those keepers of the pink and purple and all pastel shades of color, the former Obama-ites, were by contrast very negative on this development.

Further on in Ms. Burnett’s report, CNN’s own Phil Mudd refused to play in this love fest, instead taking a verbal swing at the President saying that the concessions offered by the North Koreans didn’t amount to much. And former Kerry State Department spokesman refused to credit Mr. Trump at all, saying to Erin that it was actually the success of South Korean President Moon Jae-in that made this possible.

The British liberals had their own opinions, too. Richard Wolffe, writing for the Guardian, expected that Mr. Trump would disclose classified information to Jong-un, rather than get any upper hand with a meaningful deal:

One is an egomaniacally unhinged, nuclear-armed neophyte, who scares his allies and enemies alike. So is the other.

The extraordinary prospect of direct talks between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un would be a delicious moment of karma among kooky world leaders. If it weren’t for their ability to destroy half the planet.

They say we get the leaders we deserve, and these two leaders surely deserve one another. But does the world really deserve its fate to be settled by two Little Rocket Men?

Former NSC member Samantha Vinograd was having none of this, insisting that there was no way that Obama would have been ready for such a meeting in only two months’ time, so the idea that President Trump could just do this at all for her was preposterous:

[We] would spend months preparing for the most basic meetings that President Obama used to have… [T]here is no way that President Trump can be ready by May to have a high-stakes negotiation on denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula. 

“It’s just impossible….You can’t wing it. Kim Jong-un is going to be fully prepared. I think that he’s playing to the President’s ego and the President’s weaknesses by flattering him…If President Trump does meet with Kim Jong-un, he’s going to be going in unprepared and he’s going to be giving to Kim what Kim wants, which is positive photo op.”

To be fair, the meeting hasn’t happened yet. The range of possibilities is wide open. However, the reality of Mr. Trump and his acumen suggests that the meeting will happen, and it will end up being a major success that will prove to, well, some more people perhaps, that Mr. Trump is not stupid just because he ran as a Republican, and that conservatives are not all warmongers and barbarians.

But for many on the left the facts may only serve to confuse them.



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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