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Dwight Clark
Dwight Clark
July 2, 2021

Greetings, The Western Nations are showing themselves to be dunces. Even the best and the brightest such as we find here. You allow yourselves to be dumb downed to such a extent that you cant talk about what is completely obvious to the Oriental Mind. Recently The Defense Minister of Japan gave the censored (to a ridiculous extent, almost to point of being unable in effective discourse to function in the modern world) a warning. The warning was be carefull, The Russians and the Chinese are attempting a Pearl Harbor against your country. Lets consider Hawaii with Japan Amarka one… Read more »

Dwight Clark
Dwight Clark
July 2, 2021

I would mention, my position with Taiwan is that Qing Dynasty Hushenyin-Acads and that which takes priority over that is Ubadian Dynasty with Russia acting as Tiger Gods Army. Taiwan Thier vision of One China regarding World and Mainland China version thus Ubadian should incorporate both. Thus war against Taiwan would not be necessary, PRC Ubadian could derive benifit from both. Should China not properly regard Mesopotamia sponsorship they would risk getting unplugged, becoming Maoist grey again loosing thier power, being overwhelmed by outside noise, challenges and difficulties, workers again for The Affluent. The importance here is that Western Nations… Read more »

Britain tries to drag Europe into war with Russia

Summer travel not looking good for Cyprus, is this part of the reset?