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Leftists PANIC as Kanye West Presidential Run Would DESTROY the Democrat Party!!!

Dr. Steve explains how the democratic party came to be a grab bag of ‘oppressed’ minorities and how the inherent conflict between these minorities MUST and WILL lead to the disintegration of the democratic party.

In the 1920s the so called Frankfurt School arose arguing that history was not a question of how the West civilized minorities but rather of how minorities came to be oppressed by the West. As a strategy of resisting such oppression the Frankfurt School, embodied in the figure of Herbert Marcuse, put forth the concept of ‘repressive tolerance’ All the different minorities ‘oppressed’ by the West were to be ‘tolerated’ – while Western societies themselves were to be resisted.

Turley explains that where we are today is the cumulative result of that hundred years war against Western society. The democratic party has sought to ally itself with this ‘repressive tolerance’ – which explains why it is comprised of so many disparate subgroups many of which are hostile to each other e.g. LGBTQs are fearful of radical Muslims who are in turn hostile toward LGBTQs.

At the same time the more radical elements of BLM now openly denounce ‘repressive tolerance’, pointing out that it is itself the project of White Western Liberals.  A figure like Kanye West – especially if he ran as the Libertarian party candidate – a party which already has all the political machinery in place – would likely strip off a huge percentage of the Black vote – more than enough to now guarantee Biden’s already highly likely defeat.

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July 7, 2020

End the extreme left!

Olivia Kroth
July 7, 2020

The way Kanye hangs on to President Trump looks rather strange. Kanye is a good singer and a good businessman while the Donald is a good President and a good business man, too. Both are billionaires. Both have beautiful wives: Kanye has a brunette lady with Armenian ancestry, the Donald’s wife is a brunette lady with Slovenian ancestry. Both have good taste. They know that Slavic ladies from Eastern Europe are the best. However, I do not think that Kanye is “presidential material”. He sings well, but when he talks, it is hard to understand him. He rambles away in… Read more »

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