Leaked emails show Kiev government and US Embassy in Ukraine working together to cover up Minsk violations

Not only did the US/EU backed Ukraine army purposefully violate the Minsk 2 agreement by having their heavy artillery stationed near the border with Novorussia, they received coaching from the US Embassy in Kiev on what to do if and when the OSCE gets wind of what they were up too.

Here is the hacked email sent from Tetyana Podobinska-Shtyk, a staff member of the US Embassy in Ukraine:


“Sending you pictures which can become a serious problem for you! Think about how you can explain them, if the monitoring mission [OSCE] obtains them. Consult the team leader and think about a possible action plan, how you can justify them or present them as fake,” Podobinska-Shtyk said in the hacked email.

Did the Ukraine putsch government violate the Minsk 2 agreement? Yes.

Did Washington know it was violating the Minsk 2 agreement? Yes.

Did Washington suggest ways for Kiev to cover up their violations should they get caught? Yes.

By the way who is “team leader” that the US Embassy staffer suggest Kiev consult?

And just so we don’t forget, here is US State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf claiming (just the other day) to know nothing of Ukraine’s violations…OUCH!

Via Sputnik News Agency…

According to the Minsk agreements, both sides of the Ukrainian conflict — Donbass militia and Kiev troops — agreed to back their heavy artillery from the line of contact.

However, satellite images obtained by CyberBerkut reveal that Kiev had its heavy artillery stationed in the immediate vicinity of the border with the Donbass republics, thus violating the terms of the ceasefire agreement.

Since the hacked emails were sent from Tetyana Podobinska-Shtyk, a staff member of the US Embassy in Ukraine, Washington was surely aware of the situation.

1022957932Kurdyumivka area on April 28, 2015. Distance to the line of contact – 6 km.

1022957966Vidrodzhennya area on March 14, 2015. Distance to the line of contact – 8 km.


Want more satellite pics of US/EU backed Ukraine army heavy artillery in positions violating Minsk 2, then visit the web site…its a treasure trove of satellite pictures.


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