Leadership and frame at the St. Petersburg economic forum

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum wrapped up its two day conference on May 24 amid the shadows of a Ukrainian civil war, western sanctions against Russia, European Elections and a huge Eurasian gas deal signed between Russia and China.

The May 23rd panel and interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin was a fascinating event for anyone interested in geopolitical and global economic policy.

For nearly 120 minutes, Putin touched on all major points related to the volatile political and economic events around Russia and the globe. He took questions from audience members and spoke without a teleprompter in sight. It was as transparent as a world leader could get with a captive live audience.

Via Zerohedge:

Vladimir Putin has concluded his lengthy interview having covered everything from “the end of the unipolar model of the world” – i.e. de-dollarization – to US and Europe’s responsibility for Ukraine’s “full-scale civil war.” The Russian leader noted that he’s “trying to help Ukraine” but following the loans from the IMF asks “where’s our money?” and warned that US sanctions have had little effect on the Russian economy but will have a boomerang effect.

From a purely red pill view point, watching the video was a textbook lesson in how powerful leaders hold frame through speech and body language.

Notice how Putin is seated compared with other panel members as he addresses a question related to Edward Snowden:

Putin exhibits a relaxed demeanour, occupies space effectively and is not closed off toward the audience. He is expansive, legs not crossed (unlike his peers) and is naturally taking up as much of the chair as possible. It is the classic body language of a confident man.

Just as impressive as his body language was how he spoke and fielded questions without the need of any teleprompter or prepared speeches. He spoke naturally, intelligently and was fluid in his delivery.

While many people may be divided as to their feelings for the Russian President, its goes without mention that much of the controversy directed towards him is as much a result of his strong alpha traits as his actual policies.

Compared with POTUS Obama, the two leaders are worlds apart, each representing the divided world and ideological beliefs we see today.

For a more humorous, but just as enlightening take, via









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May 26, 2014

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