Beta male self destructs, kills seven in California college town

The dangers of placing women on a pedestal, to the point of obsession now have a face. Elliot Rodger, the 22-year-old son of a Hollywood director went on a killing spree that resulted in the death of 7 people, including the suspect, and 13 more people wounded. Santa Barbara police reported that 2 more people remain in serious condition at the hospital.

The events happened across 10 locations on the University of California, Santa Barbara campus and the surrounding community.

Via Reuters:

Elliot Rodger, the son of a Hollywood director, stabbed three people to death in his apartment before gunning down three more victims on Friday night in the town of Isla Vista near the campus of the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Rodger opened fire on bystanders from his car and on foot in a killing spree that ended when he took his life after a shootout with sheriff’s deputies, police said. Authorities found three legally purchased semiautomatic guns, two Sig Sauers and a Glock, and more than 400 rounds of ammunition in his car.

At least 13 people were wounded, including eight who were shot

Elliot Rodger posted numerous Youtube video clips and wrote a 141 page Manifesto entitled “My Twisted World, The Story of Elliot Rodger”, documenting his suffering at the hands of women.

Make no mistake, this was a very disturbed and mentally ill man. Reading through his manifesto and watching his various Youtube videos, one can only deduce that Elliot Rodger’s absolute idolisation of women turned in on itself and morphed into a vile hatred and bitterness toward the the opposite sex (“party girls” as he stated) that he could not have.

Elliot Rodger was a young, wealthy and privileged young man who could not understand that the privileged life he was a part of did not automatically guarantee him pussy. He rationalised his wealth, education, fashion, cool car, looks and extreme beta “nice guy” attitude to mean that women are obligated to desire him. When this belief system did not pan out the way he felt it must, the result was tragic and devastating. This was a socially broken young man.

A YouTube video police were studying shows a young man who identified himself as Elliot Rodger pouring out his hatred of women who have rejected him and “popular kids,” and threatening to kill people out of loneliness and sexual frustration.

“You girls have never been attracted to me. I don’t know why you girls aren’t attracted to me. But I will punish you all for it. It’s an injustice, a crime,” he said in the video, his speech punctuated by bursts of laughter.

The clip, since removed from YouTube as a violation of its policies, appeared to have been uploaded to YouTube on Friday night, shortly before the shooting. Brown said Rodger had also penned a 141-page manifesto, in addition to posting several disturbing videos.

Red pill teaches men to be the absolute best they can be. Build yourself through your actions and accomplishments and women will find this value attractive in and of itself. Never confuse inherited material wealth with charisma and social value obtained through life experiences and simple hard work.

Being a “nice” guy does not mean you deserve the opposite sex. Being “nice” in the hope that you get love or sex in return is a deceptive lie, and a destructive quality for any man to have. You deserve nothing and get only what you go after.

Finally, if this tragedy teaches us anything it’s to never place anyone on a pedestal. When placing someone on a pedestal all they can do is look down on you.

The 141 page Manifesto:

Elliot Rodger, Santa Barbara mass shooting suspect, "My Twisted World" manifesto


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May 26, 2014

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