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Ukrainian authorities pressing head of Kiev monastery

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The effort spawned by globalists and Ukrainian atheists to spawn a fake Church continues apace, and despite the Ecumenical Patriarch’s October 11th call to the Ukrainian civil and church authorities not to harass or steal Russian Orthodox Church properties, the efforts to do precisely this are magnifying almost by the day. TASS reported on 29 November that Metropolitan Pavel, leader of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is getting pressure from Ukrainian authorities to comply with their plan (edits and emphases added).

Father Superior of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Metropolitan Pavel complained about the pressure the authorities of Ukraine exerted on him and his brotherhood.

“There are many questions about whether the actions of the authorities are legitimate. These actions are not legitimate, there is pressure on me, threats, phone calls and many other things. I cannot name the reasons, I do not know them,” he said at a briefing in Thursday.

The Metropolitan also said the authorities have initiated cases against him.

“They accused me of [having the] wrong attitude towards Patriarch Bartholomew, the basis of religious misunderstandings But I treat him with great respect as a patriarch,” the Father Superior of [the] Lavra said.

The metropolitan does not rule out that the authorities will put stronger pressure on him or even conduct searches.

I would not be surprised if there are searches and even more violence,” he said. At the same time, the metropolitan said that he could not answer the question of who initiated the cases against him, since they are closed to the public.

The situation in Ukraine is growing darker by the day, and this claim does not appear to be just media hype. Every day new stories of simultaneous civil and religious persecution arise from Ukraine as its plans to create a fake “orthodox church” accelerate.

How big is this story, really?

In one sense this issue could be regarded as a tempest in a teapot, as Ukraine’s military would never survive a matchup against Russia if the two countries decided to really go at it. However, Ukraine seems to be the only entity in the area that is rumbling about war. Russian forces intercepted and captured three Ukrainian naval vessels in the Kerch Strait who were performing illegal maneuvers (with counterintel officers calling the shots, apparently), but at no time since then has Russia given any indication of hostility towards Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, did go so far as to say that Ukraine is getting whatever it wants from the West – even, he said rhetorically, “if they wanted to eat babies, they would get babies.”

However, the civil and religious activity in this country is supported, and very likely guided by Ukraine’s puppetmasters in the West, notably elements of the American Deep State. President Trump does not appear to be personally invested in this issue, but pressure because of its geopolitical importance to the greater Western community of nations probably prompted him to cancel scheduled talks with President Putin, that were supposed to take place today or tomorrow in Buenos Aires.

Notice that the elements of civil and ecclesial struggle are combined in this piece. That is because they are the two major prongs of the actions taken by the West in and through Ukraine. They do not have independent existence; they are part of the same plan.

Globalism unites civil and anti-Christian agendas

A blog post run by LifeSite News in February 2017 gave this very relevant piece of information:

The election of Donald Trump and a majority of Republicans to the Senate, Congress, governorships and other positions, have left the One-Worlders reeling. To them it has been like a giant earthquake upending their world and their evil plans. They are enraged and hysterical that their expectations of a dizzying final achievement of the total power of man as god has been smashed. That is their ultimate goal – replacing God with man – the great sin of pride of Adam.

As this impacts the situation in Ukraine, consider this statement, also from the same post (slightly edited for continuity):

  • The militant LGBT/radical feminist movements attempting to impose their sexual world view on all nations through the United Nations and by other means. These movements are essential to the NWO because destruction of traditional marriage, family life and traditional sexual morality results in dramatic decreases in child-bearing. Crippling the family also cripples the first allegiance of family members to each other, to their religious faith and their community, which then facilitates control by central or world governance – all well-documented goals of past totalitarian regimes. Most so-called LGBT (recently invented term) individuals are likely not aware they are being used for this.
  • Marxist, anarchist and other violent social radical groups, usually funded by George Soros.
  • Masonry, forbidden to Catholics (and other orthodox Christians) under pain of automatic excommunication, and similar societies of anti-Christian elites who still exert substantial influence in the world. See e.g. Staunch Dubia Opponent Msgr. Pinto on Famous List of Freemasons
  • Most astonishingly, the Vatican itself seems involved as Pope Francis, the German bishops and others around him have openly developed close relationships with many leading One-Worlders, inviting them to the Vatican to give talks and advice (contrary to strong statements from Francis against abortion, gay “marriage”, for large families, etc.). This has been a radical change from all past popes. Reports suggest George Soros favored Bergoglio during the Conclave that elected him pope. For the first time ever, the New World Order movement has gained powerful public backing for many of their agendas from the head of the Roman Catholic Church, who has aggressively insisted that climate change, open borders, anti-capitalism and more are now issues of moral and religious obligation for a new, worldly Catholic Church. It also appears that some in the Vatican may be laying the groundwork for a moral and religious case in favor of population control, use of contraception, small families and acceptance of homosexuality, again regardless of many contrary statements by Francis. Many signs point to this… Archbishop Soronodo expressed support for population control during Vatican conferences that he arranged that included some of the world’s leading secularist world de-population advocates.

All this is being brought to bear on Ukraine because Ukraine is itself caught between two poles of existence: One is the bright and shiny allure of the West, and a fair population of Ukraine is in fact Roman Catholic or Eastern Rite Catholic. The other pole is that part of the people of Ukraine who identify with Russia, with the Russian Orthodox Church, and who do not want to give up their identity for the glitter of the West, but who do, of course, want better lives for their families.

This conflict’s cost is higher than anyone knows

Compared with the Russian Federation’s simple determination to be a sovereign nation, guided by President Putin’s strong leadership, Ukraine seems weak, uncertain and at odds with itself. And in this environment, the US and NATO have sought to achieve their own ends by making Ukraine the thorn in Russia’s side.

The cost is enormous, and many Ukrainians themselves do not realize what they are doing to their own country and to their own religious and cultural identity by allowing this. For them, they are being patriotic Ukrainians. The cleverness of the Western propaganda specialists has accomplished things the Communists could only dream of. And there is little doubt that the “Independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church” that is under construction will in fact be a platform for all the social “causes” that we see the Vatican involved with now. The proof of that shows in that all the developments listed below there was never a single mention of Jesus Christ’s will, the will of the Holy Spirit of God, or any salvific issue brought up in the matter of the status of the Ukrainian schismatic churches. The only thing that mattered in their conversation was being Ukrainian and exacting blood from anyone who opposed them, and in fact, awards given to “clergy” who espoused exactly the opposite of Christianity.

Ukraine’s church crisis – a brief history

The Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople decided at its meeting held on October 9-11 to proceed with granting autocephaly to the Ukrainian Church. It revoked the 1686 decision on transferring the Kiev Metropolitanate under the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate and announced plans to bring it back under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. It also reinstated the heads of two non-canonical churches in Ukraine, Filaret of the Kiev Patriarchate and Makariy of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church, to their hierarchical and priestly ranks.

On October 15, the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church said in response to that move that full communion with the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople was no longer possible.

On November 3, Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople and Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko signed an agreement on cooperation to create an independent Ukrainian church.

On November 13, the Council of Bishops of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church said it will not join the Ukrainian autocephalous church the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople is seeking to create. The Bishop’s Council stated that the decisions of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople on Ukraine are invalid.

On November 20th, the Pochaev Lavra, an extremely significant holy site in Ukraine, appealed to all who intentionally sow enmity between people to repent. This after the Ukrainian government renounced the monastic community


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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