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LAVROV: Trump Jr./Russian lawyer ‘scandal’ is “WILD AND OVERBLOWN”

LAVROV: Trump Jr./Russian lawyer ‘scandal’ is “WILD AND OVERBLOWN”

Sergey Lavrov was speaking in Belgium when he was asked about the latest ring to be added to the American political circus involving Russia. This time it’s all about Donald Trump Jr. speaking with a Russian lawyer who does not now, nor has she ever had any connections to any government.

Lavrov stated,

“I was amazed to find out that Trump’s son is accused of talking to her (Natalia Veselnitskaya). For me it’s basically wild, because when a person talks to a lawyer, what is the threat to anyone?

When I turned on the TV in the morning, all the Western channels were talking about it.

It is amazing how serious people are making an elephant out of a fly”.

Donald Trump Jr. yesterday released the full chain of emails with the lawyer in question. Julian Assange had earlier offered to publish them on Wikileaks.

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