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Lavrov: Complete Iranian withdrawal from Syria unrealistic

As the West and its key allies in the region, Israel and Saudi Arabia, insist upon Iran’s complete withdrawal from Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has declared that such a demand is absolutely unrealistic, citing that Iran is a key part of the war on terror in Syria, and a major power in the region during a meeting with Jordan Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi in Moscow yesterday. The meeting focused on the Syrian settlement and de-escalation zone in Southwest Syria.

Mehr News Agency reports:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov asserted that it is an unrealistic call to ask for Iran’s complete pullout from Syria. The Russian diplomatic chief made the remark during a meeting with his Jordanian counterpart Ayman Safadi in Moscow on Wednesday.

He described Iran as a bold regional player and an important powerful country of the region helping the war on terrorism in Syria.

Russia and Iran have provided crucial military support to Syrian legitimate government and the army of the war-torn country, helping them turn the tide in the war against terrorists financed by US and Saudi Arabia.

Also in the same meeting, Mr. Lavrov referred to the course of events in Syria and said “we primarily agreed to discuss today the progress in the Syrian settlement, with a special emphasis on the de-escalation zone in the southwest of Syria.”

“We note the continuation of useful contacts between our military and the military of Jordan and the United States, within the framework of the joint monitoring center for the southern Syrian de-escalation zone established in Amman,” highlighted the Russian top diplomat.

Israel has been clamouring for Iran’s withdrawal from Syria, even conducting military strikes against alleged Iranian forces inside Syrian territory. Meanwhile, Syrian forces have been liberating areas in southwest Syria within a de-escalation zone in response to aggression from terrorist forces within that zone which may have expected that they could act with impunity, perhaps assuming the support of the Americans, which never materialized. Syrian forces have been rapidly liberating numerous towns and villages in the area, freeing tens of thousands of civilians from the occupation of terrorist forces.

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September 5, 2018

An important reality is that Syria and Iran have a mutual defense pact

September 5, 2018

When the us and all it’s vassal dicklickers leave Syria, and israel gives back the Golan, only THEN will Iran leave Syria.

September 5, 2018

I am sure if the US and Turkey withdraw from Syria, Iran might call some advisors home, but we will see if that happens.

September 5, 2018

Lavrov is signalling to the US that Iranian exclusion from Syria is “off the table” as a negotiating point at the upcoming summit in Helsinki between Trump and Putin. This should reassure those who have been afraid that Putin has sold out to Israel or that he is going to cave to the Atlantic Alliance at the summit, as if he so wants to be a member of the Western Club that he will jump at any opportunity for reapproachment. This is a seriously wrong reading of Putin made repeatedly by both Craig Paul Roberts and the Saker, among others.

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