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Late Impeachment: Why Dems’ Raskin Was Wrong

Late Impeachment: Why Dems’ Raskin Was Wrong

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Never Forgive, Never Forget
Never Forgive, Never Forget
February 10, 2021

Anything the Dems have coming to them is God’s retribution for what they supported in Ukraine, a totally unnecessary and violent coup d’etat and gross human rights violations, spearheaded by REAL neo-nazi militias and resulting in REAL deaths, that continues to this day. Repugs too, but it’s the Dems that are crying foul now. Wouldn’t be heartbroken at all to see them experience a dose of their own medicine.

Germany Hired Koch Institute And Other Scientists To Justify Unconstitutional Lockdowns: Die Welt

Day one of impeachment show trial was a complete disgrace