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Last Round-up at the Wokester Corral | Kunstler

This is one of of JHK’s best pieces ever. He makes a couple of extraordinary observations.  First he points out the utter incongruity on the part of the Left when on the one hand they prattle on endlessly about the ‘science’ of Covid or the ‘science’ of Global Warming only to turn around and repeatedly bash science itself as a ‘white colonial way of knowing’ while branding math as racist.

Second he pointed out something which never occurred to me, namely that the now months long nightly looting, arson, and vandalism going on in Portland is in fact a kind of displaced and reworked energy normally expressed as partying and clubbing.  The Covid lockdown has prevented youthful energy from manifesting by way of  clubbing and partying, the only permissible form of public assembly being the ‘resistance protest’.   The counter culture kids Portland is saturated with are all too willing to play along just as the ruling political class is all too willing to encourage it.

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