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Kremlin says “idiocy has gone too far”, Brits need to apologize

What competent head of state foments such a hazardous political atmosphere without having their ducks in a row?

The Skripal case, where the Kremlin allegedly decided to wait until their supposed assassination target, a spy, made it all the way back home to Britain from Russia, where they had been for some time, used a banned chemical nerve agent, which would naturally be traced back to them, during the final days of their own presidential election, and at a time when the West was chomping at the bits for anything and everything they could get their hands on to blame on Russia, and where the Kremlin’s agents failed to actually get the job done, is rapidly losing weight on the credibility scale. For reason of which, the Russians are saying that the Brits need to issue an apology in pointing the finger at them without legitimate cause.

The British government had its blame ready to cast on Russia before the case was even investigated, and now their experts are coming out with the acknowledgement that they really haven’t ascertained the actual origin of the banned chemical agent which is supposedly “of a sort” used by Russia, albeit perhaps some decades ago, which could only have been purportedly produced by a “state actor” [and therefore just had to be Russia].

The Russian Investigative Committee made a criminal case out of this incident, and offered to assist the UK in their investigation, which, to be on the same page with, would necessitate also having access to the evidence that has been collected thus far, including any medical examinations and documentation. That offer, to date, however, has only met with refusal from their British counterparts. This isn’t particularly surprising, given the fact that the “assessments” that the British have made are, by and large, based on “classified” intel.

So, basically, the Brits have this criminal case here where they just know who done it, together with how, when, and why, and they aren’t gonna tell how they “know” it. They are just gonna tell us that they have “assessed” the situation. Based on this “assessment”, they have gone so far as to undertake “countermeasures”, such as expelling Russian diplomats and closing Russian embassies on British soil, which their Western friends followed suit on “in solidarity”.

Given the shaky ground on which this case admittedly rests, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has declared that the “idiocy has gone too far” and that it’s about time the Brits issue an apology for their bald and obviously baseless accusations and “reprisals”. TASS reports:

ANKARA, April 3. /TASS/. London will have to offer its apologies to Moscow but “the idiocy has gone too far,” Russian president’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

“London somehow will have to offer its apologies to the Russian side, but obviously it is going to be a long story and the idiocy of it has gone too far,” he told journalists commenting the situation over the notorious Skripal case.

Peskov said he was sure the United Kingdom’s accusations would never be proved. “The British Foreign Secretary, who accused President Putin, and the British Prime Minister will have to look in the eyes of their EU colleagues after telling them what they told,” he added.

Peskov added that the United Kingdom’s accusations against Russia on the Skripal case are receiving eloquent counter evidence.

“The situation was iniquitous for us from the very beginning. And now there emerge evidence that these mad accusations the British side voiced just a few hours after the incident are based on nothing. These are telling official evidence from experts,” he told journalists commenting on Sky News recent reports on the Salisbury incident.

It looks like Teresa May and her crony Boris Johnson have really put their feet so far in their mouths, they’ll need some surgical help to remove them this time. What competent head of state foments such a hazardous political atmosphere without having their ducks in a row? They’re creating an international diplomatic situation here that spans a good chunk of the Western world without having a substantiated case to base it all on? Peskov is right, an apology is in order here.

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