Kingdom of evil. Saudi Arabia bombs school for the blind in Yemen. Western media remains silent

Saudi Arabia can do no wrong. Even bombing a school for the blind receives zero western media attention. We imagine this has to do with the fact that the Kingdom of Evil has ownership equity in just about every major US and UK media outlet. See no evil, hear no evil.







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Saudi Arabia continues to shock the world with its crimes against civilians in Yemen. On this occasion, the Saudi-led coalition attacked the day-care centre for blind children, located in the Yemeni capital city of Sana’a.

Whilst exact information about the victims of the air raid are not confirmed, it has been reported at least 3 are dead. The blow to the Yemeni civilians was inflicted at a time when they were all sleeping. This explains the complete lack of reaction to a war crime by the USA, European countries, as well as the so-called “human rights” organizations who like to talk about non-existent victims of the Russia, Syria and other undesirables to the West countries.

The same question was asked by the Deputy Manager of the struck centre. “These blind children are made to be the target of airstrikes? Where are the NGO’s? Where is the UN?”, he said in comments to RT. It should be noted that Saudi Arabia have committed dozens of war crimes on the territory of Yemen. For example, only recently Saudi warplanes have attacked schools, hospitals, roads where there were no military targets, factory of Coca-Cola, a dairy farm, and 2 industrial enterprises. However, is it any wonder that this kind of behaviour is coming from a state who arranges mass executions on its own territory?


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