Kiev is burning again…must mean that Victoria Nuland or John McCain is in town.

Kiev’s Maidan Square used to be such a peaceful place to hang out a year ago, right before Victoria Nuland and her Neo-Con cabal of death decided to rip the entire country apart to make a quick billion bucks in resource plundering and fracking oil exploration.

Ukraine is on the brink of total collapse as the neo-nazi puppet government backed by the US and the EU is unable to keep anything together in the capital. In the East they hurriedly try to wipe out their own citizens so as to collect a $20 billion pay check from the IMF, who has placed the conditions of the loan disbursement on Kiev’s ability to force the East into submission.

The question now is will the country last long enough so the Ukraine Oligarchs, in collusion with Victoria Nuland and Hunter Biden, can reap the rewards of their $5 billion funded coup.

Today news came in that Kiev was once again in flames. Just wait when winter hits and IMF austerity that is magnitudes greater than what Greece went through hits the pocket books of an already poor and suffering populace.


Business Insider reports:

Tensions flared on Thursday on Kiev’s Independence Square, the scene of street protests that toppled a Moscow-backed president in February, when protesters still camped there clashed with city workers who tried to clear away their tents.

The protesters set fire to heaps of tyres, sending clouds of black smoke billowing across the city center square, known as the Maidan, recalling the demonstrations earlier this year which chased Viktor Yanukovich from power.

Armed riot police moved onto the square as protesters – some of them in combat fatigues and masks and waving clubs – threw bottles and paving bricks at municipal workers who had been dispatched to dismantle the tents and barricades.

The police and workers eventually withdrew, leaving the situation unresolved.










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August 10, 2014

http://www.ynetnews. com/articles/0,7340,L-3342999,00.html  krazy zionist nuland from zionist `murika need do another duet with the krazy zionist bernard henri levy…. Lest We Forget The Holomodor and it’s perpetrators;  

August 8, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: #Kiev is burning again…must mean that Victoria Nuland or John McCain is in town.

August 7, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: #Kiev is burning again…must mean that Victoria Nuland or John McCain is in town.

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