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Kayleigh McEnany SHAMES press pool after no one asks about riots [Video]

While it seemed that Kayleigh was just being abused, she saved the best shot – her own – for last.

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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is a superb and strong lady. After President Trump spoke repeatedly about the importance of preserving national history as it happened, after he signed an Executive Order for the creation of the Garden of Heroes museum, and after he unequivocally denounced the radical leftists who have been attacking innocent people in multiple American cities for over a month, the radical mainstream press was absolutely inflamed. More than that, apparently they huddled before Monday’s daily press briefing, the reporters were of one mind about two questions:

  1. The first question was based on an allegation that President Trump supports the Confederate flag being used by NASCAR.
  2. The second question was whether or not the President is creating a dangerous precedent by having someone fly on Air Force One who was exposed or tested positive for COVID-19.

Kayleigh let them have their fun. At first the presser was maddening, but a surprise was in the works.

The reporters were organized in their assault, because for the mainstream media the goal is to paint the President in the worst light possible. No fewer than seven times did Kayleigh hear the same question about the perceived allusion of support of the Confederate Flag and its use in NASCAR events. No fewer than seven times she answered the exactly the same thing: President Trump has no position about the Confederate Flag.

This is stupid. I have to give Secretary McEnany a lot of credit for staying in the room and not either blasting the reporters or walking out of the conference since her answer was not acknowledged. The insistence of the press on asking the exact same question to try to get a different answer, simply suggests both insanity and absolute ignorance.

For what it is worth, I am totally in favor of using the Confederate Flag for NASCAR. Not that it matters to anyone truly important in the world, but the Confederate Flag is appropriate as this racing event originated in the South, in Dixie, and for over a century the South, even though it lost the Civil War, still feels a sense of honor in its heritage. As an Alabama native and a longtime Texas resident, the culture of the South is part of my own upbringing. And, I am not racist at all, nor are most all Southerners in the United States.

The Confederate Flag is a symbol of this region. But it is extremely unlikely that anyone living there now or for the last one hundred years actually would like to oppress black people and force them into slavery again, nor is there much thought of the Confederate Flag as a threat to said black people.

The cultural civil war taking place, which I am calling the Second American Civil War, is like an explosion of absolute pettiness and immaturity, but at a level which has become deadly. Yet not one reporter asked about what was truly important that happened this weekend.

In my piece here, we discuss the fact that an eight-year old girl was shot and killed in Atlanta over the weekend, when two gunmen opened fire on her mother’s car with her inside. They were trying to get where they were going and had driven past an illegally placed roadblock near the site where Rayshard Brooks attacked two police officers and was shot dead one month ago. That place has been the site of repeated riots and violence ever since.

Not one reporter asked Kayleigh a question about this, nor about the dozens of other shootings and killings that took place in the riots over the weekend. Kayleigh had something to say about it, and listen as she begins and the reporters begin to audibly squirm in protest:

When I saw this, I knew why she kept her cool through the whole thing. She knew what the mainstream mob press was going to do, and like her boss, she simply let them do it and then gave them a hammer blow.

Good job, Kayleigh. Be careful, we may elect you President in 2024 or 2028.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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July 7, 2020

He’s right about the Confederate flag though. It was wrongly appropriated like the ok hand gesture. St. Andrews cross, stars representing the states, colors in honor of the red, white and blue. Civil War wasn’t fought over slavery! South, at the time, hadn’t moved on from it because they were an agrarian society.

July 8, 2020

The Wash., DC press corps operatives reflect their Bolshevik corporate owners. They are obsessed with the Confederate flag, obviously.

Manwara Choudhury
Manwara Choudhury
July 10, 2020

Kayleigh is brilliant such a strong powerful woman. We need someone like her here in the U.K

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