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Islam teaches conservative values–so does Christianity

The liberal MSM and their friends in social media, the alt-establishment are saying that the terrorist who killed one man and injured several others in a van-ramming attack outside a London mosque was from the ‘right-wing’ or ‘ultra-conservative’ background.

First of all, there is no evidence that the man was part of any political organisation or ideological group. There is likewise, no evidence that he held any deeply held ideological beliefs whatsoever.

Clearly he was a terrorist motivated by the kind of hate preached by the mainstream media every day. This is no different than an ISIS terrorist motivated by the kind of hate that Saudi Arabia and Qatar fund world-wide on a daily basis.

The mainstream media have brainwashed many into thinking that Salafism is Islam when the truth is that most Muslims see Salafism is an odd and dangerous apostasy of the true message of God and His Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him.

Islam, like Christianity is a region that teaches conservative values.

Just consider the things that Islamic teachings reveal as the most important values for people: 



–Personal charity without pressures from the state.



–Faith in the one true God 



These are the core principles of Islam, they are also the core principles of Christianity. Both are deeply conservative.

Both Christians and Muslims are under attack from the same liberal-left who promote obscenity as normality, sexual perversion as virtuous, drugs and alcohol as preferable to sobriety and healthy living, the denunciation of the family, the insulting of masculinity, legalised blasphemy and indeed terrorism also.

When the mainstream media shows Salafist head-choppers and calls them both ‘moderate rebels’ and ‘Muslims’, THIS is spreading hatred against and defaming Muslims. Salafism is not Islam and being a terrorist has nothing to do with moderation nor the peaceful message of The Prophet Muhammad, peace by upon him.

But since the media has portrayed Salafist terrorism as Islam while at the same time pretending that such things are moderate, those who are already partly or entirely insane can become radicalised just as ISIS propaganda can likewise radicalise those who are already partly or entirely insane.

The truth is that most religious people have conservative values. They want no part in the ‘anything goes’ liberal culture which has in recent decades metamorphosed into a ‘the worse the better’ philosophy in terms of obscenity, perversion and bodily mutilation.

The terrorist who ploughed into a group of Muslims in London has no ideology except that of Satanic death, just as ISIS does. The victims are the same kinds of people and the hatred is the same kind of hatred.

Furthermore, he was not conservative in any way shape or form, though there’s a good chance that his victims and intended victims were far more conservative than the liberals who control mainstream media in a western world which has shunned God/Allah while worshipping Mammon and hedonistic vulgarity.

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