ISIS is carving up the Middle East [Map]

The US funded war in Syria was meant to instil regime change and assert control over oil exploration and distribution in the region. With the help of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, the new energy finds and energy distribution routes would open the European market to the KSA, and in extension the USA. This would effectively remove Russia from the European picture once and for all. ISIS had other plans.

Instead of reshaping the energy map of the region, ISIS has forced Obama and his Middle East partners to fight for the preservation of borders within Iraq and outwards across the Middle East Levant. Now instead of gaining oil dominance in the Middle East, America is finding itself fighting to preserve what little energy influence it has left in the region…hence the high concentration of US air strikes in the Kurdish oil rich (and export friendly) republic.

This is a great map from the Independent UK which shows:

  • What ISIS now controls
  • How Iraq is all but carved up into three pieces
  • Kurdistan is a new country, and while currently fighting ISIS, Turkey is a conflict waiting in the wings
  • Syria must now hold strong against ISIS forces or else Jordan and Lebanon are next on the list
  • If Baghdad falls to ISIS then the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia better look out



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