Is US President Barack Obama simply to afraid to confront neocons over the truth about Ukraine

American investigative reporter Robert Parry describes Barack Obama as being torn between two poles in his foreign policy vision.

On the one side, Obama knows that his government oversaw a coup in Ukraine, and is openly funding a neo-nazi regime that is waging war on its very own citizens to the east.

On the other hand, Obama is too timid and weak to take on the neocons and war hawks in Congress (John McCain), the State Department (Vicky Nuland), and the UN (Samantha Powers).

Obama is trying to pick battles that require less confrontation with war hawks (Iran Nuclear Deal), while avoiding potentially catastrophic foreign policy issues (Ukraine), out of his neocon fear.

President Barack Obama will not resolve the Ukraine crisis in his remaining year in office because, this President is simply too afraid to confront the trifecta of neocon influence, as represented in the form of McCain, Nuland and Powers.

Via Sputnik News Agency…

To an extent, the current US president is a realist capable of making a positive change by working with other countries (Iran nuclear deal). But he is also a “timid opportunist,” who is afraid “to challenge the neocon/liberal-hawk dominance of Official Washington.” When US hardliners have it their way, bad things happen.

Thus Obama shares responsibility for “provoking ugly crises, such as his ‘regime change’ tactics in Honduras (2009), Libya (2011), Syria (over several years) and Ukraine (2014),” Parry explained. He is also responsible for not telling the truth and helping to perpetuate popular yet false narratives offered to “explain” these conflicts.

Ukraine is the most dangerous of all the false narratives the US has constructed and implanted into popular consciousness.

What the investigative reporter described as “the Putin-bashing storyline about Ukraine” comes down to the following: “the entire ugly civil war was part of some nefarious scheme cooked up in the Kremlin to recreate the Russian Empire.”

“Though this notion that the Ukraine crisis was simply a case of ‘Russian aggression’ is held by virtually every important person in Washington’s current power circles, it was never true. The crisis was provoked by a US-backed coup on February 22, 2014, which overthrew Ukraine’s elected President Viktor Yanukovych. Putin reacted to that provocation; he didn’t instigate it,” Parry explained.

Obama could make a real difference and help resolve the Ukrainian crisis if he started by bringing Washington’s propaganda campaign to an end.

The US president could then get the whole truth out: “how the crisis really began, why the mantra ‘Russian aggression’ is false, what on earth the US government thinks it’s doing collaborating with neo-Nazis and Islamic jihadists in killing thousands of ethnic Russian Ukrainians, and who was responsible for the key escalating moment, the shoot-down of MH-17.”

Sadly, this scenario is unlikely to happen due to Obama’s ambivalent nature. This would require him to stand up to the US hawks and share all the facts with the American people.


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