Is CNN creating Civil War?

I was not a fan of Trump, but I have to say, he has done a great job probably better than any world leader.

He has revised trade and has turned North Korea while your unemployment is now below 4% at 1960s level and you have a GDP growth of 4% while we have unemployment still in the 60% level among the youth and economic growth is at best 2.4%.

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It is hard to see why CNN turns everything negative.

It is really becoming blatant.

This is one joke image going around, but it clearly demonstrates the point. 

America’s GDP growth is 4.1%, which is about twice that of Europe.

Trump’s hardline threats of tariffs have yielded the first real new fair trade deal with the European Union.

North Korea is actually returning the remains of our fallen American soldiers which have made a huge difference to many families.

The immigration issue where families were being separated was portrayed as if it was something brand new under Trump. CNN never bothered to report this was a policy that predated Trump and that Obama deported more people than any other president in history.

They intentionally ignored the immigration issue under Obama and only used it against Trump demonstrating how corrupt CNN has become acting as only a political propaganda network.

The damage CNN is doing to the country and the world is beyond description.

My greatest concern is they are fueling a Civil War and what comes AFTER Trump? The people will NOT be satisfied with a career politician any longer.

We are witnessing the Trump Revolution around the world and even within the Democrats.

Trump should stop the verbal assault on the press and reinstate the Fairness Doctrine and FORCE the press to present both sides and need this reign of propaganda.

However, the owner of CNN, Time Warner, the Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes came out and stated PUBLICLY that Trump does not pose a grave threat to free speech, but rather it was the Democrats.

Speaking at Business Insider’s Ignitiion, Bewkes made it very clear that the Democratic Party’s commitment to campaign finance reform was a threat to free speech. He pointed out that Hillary Clinton said she would push for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision that lifted restrictions on political spending by corporations and interest groups. She wanted to reduce free speech that was being funded against the Democrats.

Via Armstrong Economics

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September 5, 2018

If Michael Armstrong truly believes the US economy is in good shape we can safely ignore everything he has to say about ANYTHING. because that really is….FAKE NEWS.

Unemployment is closer to 20% than 4%. Trump knows it too.

John R Balch Jr
John R Balch Jr
September 5, 2018

CNN goal is to be some the sole US Government Propaganda Network as well as the World’s Propaganda Network!

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