Iraq is about heat up. Iraqi army attack against ISIS expected in the next 48 hours

Remember Iraq? Remember ISIS? It may not be in the news cycle anymore, but expect the conflict between Iraq and ISIS to get hot…very hot in the next 48 hours.

Via Sputnik News Agency:

The Iraqi military is planning to launch a major offensive to rid the country’s central Saladin province and the second-largest city of Mosul of Islamic State (IS) and other insurgents, Iran’s Press TV reported Tuesday.

The attack will take place in the next 48 hours, the news outlet stated.

“The tactic now is to liberate one province after another,” political analyst Jemaa Atwani, said, as quoted by Press TV.

The expert explained that once the army liberates Saladin province, it will move toward Mosul, considered one of IS’ main strongholds.

“The liberation of what is left from Saladin, including Tikrit [the capital of the province] and some of the villages … will pave the way towards the battle of Mosul,” Atwani stated.

ISIS captured the strategically important city of Mosul way back in June. Mosul is the largest city controlled by the ISIS.


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