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International Group Of Doctors Warns Assange Will "Die In Prison" Without Urgent Medical Care

“We write this open letter, as medical doctors, to express our serious concerns about the physical and mental health of Julian Assange…”

With Washington fighting tooth-and-nail to extradite him from the UK, the notion that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange might die in prison is looking increasingly probable. At this point, it’s more a matter of when: A few weeks, or a few decades.

Assange’s health has reportedly deteriorated to such a terrifying degree that a group of 60 doctors have written an open letter warning that they fear the renegade journalist could soon die in a British jail if he doesn’t receive more intensive medical care, the Guardian reports.

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Paul Martin
Paul Martin
November 25, 2019

An “international group of doctors”??? I am NOT buying that, Duran fellows, so you can peddle that claptrap to some other useful idiots, those who haven’t yet understood that when any consensus that is of an “international” nature raises its head especially at this particular time, the credulity threshold also appears. I’ve been noticing that you seem to insist on presenting “opposite” points of view, ostensibly for the sake of appearing non-partisan, but this is a bit much don’t you think? Your source here is the Guardian, for God’s sake… now, who could be less trustworthy, in light of all… Read more »

Olivia Kroth
November 26, 2019

I keep my fingers crossed and pray that Julian Assange will survive this horrible ordeal. Thank you for keeping us informed, dear friends at the DURAN.

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