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Instagram banned in Hong Kong as protests continue to grow

The popular photo-sharing service, Instagram, appears to have been blocked in China, according to numerous sources including reports from Hong Kong-based reporters with the New York Times.
Instagram has not confirmed the information.
The reports arise amid large pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, where many have posted photos and videos, including clips of Hong Kong police firing tear gas at demonstrators.
Here is a drone video clip that shows just how large the movement to preserve Hong Kong’s democratic elections has become. 

Many of the photos were labeled with the hash tag “Occupy Central,” a phrase that was blocked on Sunday on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.
The website also indicated that Instagram was blocked across China, including in Beijing and Shenzhen.
If the site was blocked in China, that would not prevent users in Hong Kong from posting on social media, nor users in other countries viewing the images.

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