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India retaliates for killed soldiers at hands of Pakistani forces

Powder-keg situation turns into a standoff as tensions in the region rise.

In a swiftly developing story, and Indian brigadier authorized an incursion across the Line of Control (“LoC”) into Pakistan, and Indian commandos killed four Pakistani soldiers on Monday evening. This was in response to the killing of four Indian soldiers on Saturday, 23 December. In a firefight incident in the Keri sector of the Rajouri District of the Jammu and Kashmir region.  The firefight involved heavy weapons use and continued for several hours.

This initial attack brought on some pretty strong rhetoric. As ZeroHedge reported,

Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Nasser Khan Janjua has accused the US of siding with India and warned of a possible “nuclear war” due to the delicate security situation in South Asia.

However, the Indian government was not content to let this situation just sit without retaliation. India’s counterstrike, accomplished by commandos, was intended as a “like response” for the earlier killings, though apparently the Indian soldiers who lost their lives were mutilated.  

The Indian side’s commentary about the situation included a reference to this, when they maintained that their forces conducted a “replica” of the Saturday attack, but without mutilating the Pakistani soldiers.

Sources for NDTV made it clear that the position of the Indian forces is that if Pakistan attacks, the Indian forces will not just stand by and do nothing.

India and Pakistan have had a long history of border fighting, ever since this region gained independence from the British Empire in 1948.  Both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers, possessing about 200 nuclear warheads between the two nations.

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