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Impressive statecraft and the deleterious state of internal US politics

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Submitted by Steve Brown…

Paul Singer funded Fusion GPS and the Steele Dossier; and in an attempt to derail the Trump campaign Singer’s operative gave the report to John McCain, who then provided the dossier to the FBI.

But when Trump won the election, what portended to be a brief stint for Robert Mueller as Special Counsel was thus extended far beyond any reasonable expectation, and leveraged by the media into a vicious campaign of Russophobia and hysteria targeting the Russian leadership.

Recall that in the murky world of Statecraft nothing is as it seems (Tradecraft in intelligence terms). At the State level, any combination of intel resources can work with any other, with a common interest.  Examples include the CIA and ISI in the 1980’s to remove Babrak Karmal and push Operation Cyclone and the CIA working with the Botha regime versus Namibia and Angola in 1982. And most famously, the CIA assassination of Che Guevara in Bolivia with the assistance of the Bolivian government.

The CIA also worked with Israel in Operation Timber Sycamore the covert US black op to destabilize Syria and overthrow its leadership; while CIA boss Kimberly Breier (now State) is working with Colombia to topple the leadership of Venezuela.  All pretty bad stuff… but private Statecraft is even murkier and the lines less clearly drawn than they are with State-sponsors of regime change.

Israel sells private spying tools and services and influence peddling — a major enterprise worth billions — and these Israeli companies work for just about anyone with enough cash. Two major players in intel-for-hire include the Israeli NSO Group and Psy Group offer pay-to-play intel services, sometimes greatly effective.

Privately sponsored Ukrainian hackers for hire work for Israel while Israeli hackers supply cybertools, and work for the Ukraine. Private spying is a business where intellectual property theft is not only prevalent and expected, but required.

Psy Group (Invop Ltd) has been instrumental in working with Canary Mission and others to publicly repress and oppress dissidents associated with Pro-Palestinian movements such as BDSPsy Group’s Joel Zamel met with Trump Jr, three months prior to the US election, about a social media campaign to smear Trump’s opponents on behalf of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, who wished to see Donald Trump win the presidency.

Another private Israeli intel company, Black Cube is underwritten by mossad and shin bet, and has been implicated in the Cambridge Analytica scandal and Harvey Weinstein’s attempt to smear his detractors. At a higher level, Black Cube traces sovereign funds in ‘sanctioned’ banking operations, and was hired by Donald Trump to publicly smear officials behind the JCPOA Iran nuclear agreement.

Consider the background of the alleged “collusion” then, as above… then consider the Mueller report. The Mueller report was fueled by Clinton democrats latching on to the worst kind of exploit sponsored by the worst kind of GOP Bad Actor: billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer who funded Fusion GPS. It was the Steele document — underwritten by Singer and provided by John McCain to the FBI — that eventually led to the appointment of a ‘Special Counsel’ and the costly and pointless Mueller affair.

In this era of State and Corporate sponsored psychological warfare and incestuous Statecraft, the pointless Mueller Report was invoked by the worst possible of all possible worlds. The Report resulted in pandemic Russophobia in the west, and a very dangerous escalation of tensions between two major nuclear powers, where the potential for nuclear war was, and is, possible.

To the point, the Mueller Report focused on a hopelessly wrong cast of characters. The media concentrated on Maria Butina, Glenn Simpson, Kilimnik and many other irrelevant characters.  The media did not focus on the true villainy: pay-for-play smear spies, perverse private and government Statecraft, and disinformation for hire…  ie the full and true legacy of the Mueller Report and State-sponsored disinformation.

In the end the Mueller Report morass simply reflects the confused and deleterious state of internal US politics, now hopelessly mired in corruption and recrimination. At this point, a flailing Empire typically looks to war and aggression to divert attention from its cancerous internals. For those who still have faith in Donald Trump, if he can avoid war with Iran or North Korea or any of the other nations the United States routinely threatens, that will be something.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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