An Important Message from the Editor of The Duran

To our readers and supporters…

The Duran has been in existence for well over a year…

In that time, we called these major events right, where most were dead wrong:

  • The Brexit vote
  • Donald Trump’s victory
  • Russian victory in the Syrian war
  • Recovery of the Russian economy despite the oil price crash and the sanctions

All things the MSM and other publications said would NEVER happen, and we did it with a fraction of the resources.

Imagine what we could do with more…

Here are some articles written by The Duran that prove our analysis was correct:

We have provided you with clear, objective reporting of the DNC/Podesta emails, of the RussiaGate scandal in the US, and of the Korean crisis.

We have done all these things, getting these stories right where the MSM has got them all wrong.  What we report today, they (sometimes) report tomorrow, often copying us without attribution.

We have done this with only a tiny fraction of the resources that they have, in the face of a campaign by them to ban and shut down all sources of alternative news including the one we provide.

All this we have achieved purely through our own hard work. We are a wholly independent transparent news provider bound to and associated with no-one and dependent on and controlled by no-one. All of us are known, and we are proud that this is so, and all money we receive is fully and publicly accounted for.

Hard work can only take us so far. However much better we are than our MSM rivals, however hard we work, the simple fact is that we are massively outgunned.

You can help to change that…

We are now crowdfunding to make our site grow, to add other sites to it, to give ourselves proper technical back-up, so that we can extend our reach, provide an even better news service and beat the barriers of large corporations, that under MSM encouragement, are in our way from telling the truth.

If you believe that there is a need for good objective news, for people to be properly informed so that they can make proper decisions decided on by themselves, if you want to know what is really going on and why, then we ask you to support us.

This is a key moment.  

Together we can defeat the news monopoly the failing MSM is abusing in order to retain its undeserved position of pre-eminence.

Without your support it just cannot be done.

That is why I ask you to contribute and donate to our crowdfunding campaign.

With thanks for your unwavering support up to now!

Alexander Mercouris
Editor-in-Chief, The Duran

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P.S. The following video is of Alex and Vlad of The Duran announcing our plans for additional sites:

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Duran.

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Diana Schoenbeck
Diana Schoenbeck
June 11, 2019

I used to like your reports and was going to financially support you until you began to irritate me with the constant nonsensical remarks and smirks about liberal anything. I despise when the liberal/neoliberals do it. It’s lazy and divisive. This game makes it difficult for anyone to give your reporting credibility because your more interested in showing your ideological bent rather than providing information for its accuracy. If you truly want to provide information to those of us that understand why our governments use these labels to divide use, stop using them. It makes your reporting and discussions appear… Read more »

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