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Identity and reparation politics feed division in the US, UK and Europe.

Aided by weak leadership fearful of their own offspring as censorship sweeps the west.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Submitted by M.A.Richardson…

“Without destruction, their can be no construction” – Mao

The elevation of youth – and a slow descent into hell. – this bleating, whining, narcissistic facebook generation are prepared to let their countries burn.  they are the new red guard and they want to erase history,  2020 year zero.

As politicians and police kneel before the mob, they are humiliating themselves and betraying their electorate. Fearful leaders around the world appease and pander to the rioters and domestic terrorists who abuse our police and tear down our history, the general public look on in disbelief.  Anger is growing at government inaction and weakness to stand against this unelected and unaccountable out of control political cult, led by Black Lives Matter and Antifa. There first aim is to stop Brexit and oust Trump.

Justin Trudeau proved himself to be even more of an embarrassment than usual. Never one to miss a photo opportunity, Trudy took the knee 3 times. It was pure penitence porn, all that was missing was his self-flagellation whip. China has not only succeeded in crashing the West, it has also initiated a regime change within it, led by a cultural marxist youth, emboldened by globalist corporate, mainstream neoliberal media, as they lead the way to their own destruction.  The aim of BLM is racial division, reparation politics, the dismantling of all institutions, financial, governmental and the implementation of a dystopian nightmare.

BLM is an ideologically possessed cult, using identity and race politics as its primary weapon. The globalists failed to stop Brexit, they failed to stop Trump being elected, so they will try to take control of our city councils and budgets. In the UK, Boris Johnson is hiding in his bunker, contemptuous of his own people, the people he let down so badly with his disastrous Covid-19 policy. While Boris hides, Sadiq Khan, radical left Mayor of London, along with BLM and Antifa take over the streets and news stream, and begin to remove 60 historic statues in London for their perceived association with the slave trade as the police do nothing. Khan is even talking of renaming the Tate.  It won’t stop there. The neo-Marxist cultural revolution is upon us and our leaders have their heads in the sand and cower in fear before these bullies. BLM, Antifa and the radical left are dictating the agenda and will implement it by any means.

Many of the measures put in place by our governments during the pandemic are counter-productive and have cost thousands of lives and ruined economies, yet citizens comply readily and without question.  Antifa and BLM stepped into the vacuum on the streets and initiated a power grab.  What is remarkable is that conservatives and centrist left politicians seem to be hiding under a rock and hoping they will all go away. They have left it to their own citizens to fight back.

Most conservative commentators in the US criticise this ideology with a wry smile, afraid to comment in any depth. perhaps they are afraid of giving this too much oxygen.  In the UK they don’t even bother to object, they are overcome with fear and pander to the rhetoric, virtue signalling and ignoring the electorate, terrified of being called racist.  Language has been weaponised, commentators are afraid to use it, and instead cower before the far left. It is sad to see this spectacle come to our screens, to see formally confident people afraid to use words lest they be turned against them. Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, a few others are committing, you can see their desperation and disbelief, you can smell the fear that they will be the next to go.

In the UK Boris Johnson and his government and even the formally vocal members of the European Research Group, are silent, continuing to lockdown the population, not allowing them to work, whilst at the same time permitting far left demonstrators to gather in their thousands, desecrate and tear down monuments and injure police officers without sanction.  Nigel Farage, as ever, with his finger on the pulse of the British people,  is one of the rare politicians prepared to be heard. All the while, the BBC insist these demonstrations are peaceful. They are not, 27 police were injured, some seriously.

In London, the spectacle of police running from demonstrators as they were pelted with rocks and bottles will not be forgotten, they show the British people that the police will no longer protect them.  Where were the riot police? People trying to protect the Churchill statue were moved away by police, immediately allowing vandals to deface it. Why? The authorities cannot deny it, it was all caught on camera.

Democrat mayors in the US are begging BLM for their political lives. It is embarrassing to watch this appeasement and to see how quickly America can demonise the majority of the population and leave them unprotected.  BLM is now an economic and political power, a consideration. If you don’t support and say you support them, you could lose your job, many have. The inmates have taken over the asylum, it’s time to fight back before it is too late.  BLM are fast turning into a domestic terror organisation, the authorities need to recognise this and act. If BLM, an unelected, unaccountable political organisation can dictate policy then we no longer live in democracies, we live in dictatorships.

It came from left of field, far left. It spread like wildfire and was just as destructive. What is surprising is that many people you once considered sane, reason this madness away by either  ignoring it, or making excuses for the mob.  Meanwhile we are seeing politicians kneel to a bunch of hormonal, narcissistic teenagers who have just displayed the worst excesses of human nature in a ‘Lord of the Flies’ hissy fit.  This is the kind of denial that let the Nazis sweep to power in the 1930’s, the same kind of complacency that took the old guard by surprise in China in the 1960s.

Neoliberalism is not liberal, woke politics is ruining our countries. Globalism is killing the nation state, the West is committing suicide. As if to prove it to us, the kids have just shown exactly what will happen if we let this continue. The parents of these over-indulged monsters ransacking our cities and declaring war with their racist identity politics, are afraid of their own children.

The Kavanaugh trial produced hysterical and bizarre absolutes, such as ‘women don’t lie’.  It has been a steady run into the wall of un-reason ever since.   Russiagate,  Ukrainegate,  Obamagate, a pandemic, losing all rights as a citizen, and now the very real prospect in the US, of some Democrat states abolishing the police and prisons. The non intervention of security forces in the beating to death of citizens with rocks, the looting and arson, the confession of sins on bended knee to spotty ideologically obsessed teenagers, is one of the most disgraceful displays of weakness from all leaders around the Western World.  Law-abiding citizens are no longer protected. How long will it take for our countries to descend into anarchy and lawlessness? According to this post on Facebook before the London protests on Saturday, soon our prisons may be emptied too, it is already happening.

“Abolition is an anti-racist, feminist, queer struggle for collective liberation. Fire to the prisons” 

– UK Facebook webinars promotion for prison abolition – Antifa, London 6 June 2020

The one constant in the lives of the young is social media. It defines them, it controls them, it tells them who they are, who they should like, if they were liked, or if they are the most popular kid in school.  George Floyd, a serial criminal and drug addict has usurped their parents and been fashioned in their own image. He is their new messiah, a flawed icon, so much the better for them, it allows the new cult to be equally flawed and violent. The mantra of this marxist socialist mob is deconstruction of the past, a future based on celebrity culture and identity politics. These kids are using the same ruthless playbook as Mao’s Red Guard, encouraged by the leftist elites. The premise of this uprising is racial division. The aim is power.

The appalling hypocrisy of Western leadership of the last two weeks has never been more clear. Our governments can lock up an entire nation for months on end with the threat of imprisonment and fines, take away our jobs, separate us from our families, let the vulnerable die alone, fine or imprison us for sitting in the park, yet with one incident, the death of a man at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis, they let a section of the population rage through the streets to deface, demean, abuse, destroy, kill and terrorise.  Politicians are begging on their knees before this rabid youth  It can only be hoped they will pay for this at the ballot box, that is, if this radical left generation don’t do away with the November elections.  It is noted that all public comments on column inches in national newspapers about the demonstrations and riots and censorship are disabled.  The general public are not allowed to have a voice, only the far left radicals who wish to dismantle our countries and eradicate our history.

As the new generation worship at the feet of their gods, they tear down everything that points to the past to enable the continuance of their narcissistic self-expression, encouraged by Facebook , Google and Twitter.  In the UK the purge has already begun and statues are torn down and television programmes removed. The press are even censoring themselves they are so afraid. They will be coming for you next.

For those on the left, this is all about getting rid of Trump and the deplorables by November 2020, the Democrats are happy to harness this hysterical unstable youth.

Brian Fallon, former Hilary Clinton advisor, tweeted “defund the police” 4 June 2020.

Trump’s HR problem continues, as Mark Esper, his newly appointed defence secretary, spoke out against the Trump administration’s offer to call out the National Guard to quell the rioters:

“The option to use active-duty forces in a law enforcement role should only be used as a matter of last resort and only in the most urgent and dire of situations. We are not in one of those situations now. I do not support invoking the Insurrection Act now,”

In any other time, he would have been removed. But in BLM world, Trump seems neutered and unwilling to move against his rogue defence secretary. This makes him look weak, and Trump is losing voters because of it.  In this world where morals have been turned on their head, it is now ‘protect the rioters’, the public are no longer a consideration, they have become collateral.  With all the footage available of innocent victims being beaten, run down and gunned down, the question is, how is it possible the National Guard were not called out? That is what the majority of Americans want to know.  They want more policing, not less.

General Mattis, in revenge for being fired by Trump, went on the attack.

“Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us,”

General Mattis would be the first to go if this rabid youth ever got possession of the military.

In Portland Oregon, Antifa get a police escort to protect their right to free speech, whilst at the same time, intimidating and attacking local residents as police stand down. This highly effective facist, anti-fascist domestic terrorist group is now exported around the world unchecked. The West is afraid of its own youth and their power over social media. The health of a nation no longer matters, it is all about race politics. black against perceived white privilege.  Race-baiting is the new norm – confess or beg or be humiliated or beaten.

After chants of “Fuck the Police”. “You killed him”“You are racists” screamed into the faces of the police in London on Saturday, some ‘took the knee’ to appease their attackers, before being spat at. Many police were injured, some seriously.

On the streets, the new cultural elite kneel together, fists in the air, in solidarity to their one true god, power. They are pinning their hopes on the deceased object of their fervour, a serial criminal. The living are so flawed.  For some of these ideologues, their ultimate sin is being white. Equality under the law is dead. Corporations are begging for their white privilege to be forgiven by domestic terrorists and radicals.

This is an insurrection by a narcissistic generation of self obsessed selfie taking teenagers without the ability to debate. Anyone who does not agree with them is a racist. They want to dismantle the system. Those in charge seem so deludedly sympathetic to their cause, they are willing to go along with this charade without the consent of their electorate. An electorate that can only look on in disbelief.  It is a conspiracy between government and press.


This model of shaming and punishment beatings is fast moving towards the model of the cultural revolution after the Great Famine in China in 1962. Except, this time, there will be no perceived triumph of the proletariat, only division based on skin colour. It is a cult based on bullying and peer consent to do so. Lord of the Flies with iPhones.

This is cancel culture, a wiping of the past, for a new dystopian future.


Having failed to get rid of Trump from the top down, the Democrats have decided to do this from the bottom up. Unfortunately for the left elites, it is not clear if they can control the purge they have initiated.  Mao didn’t want regime change, he wanted to be remembered, to reassert power, and to his surprise his strategy worked. The Democrats will not be so fortunate.

The globalist takeover has been progressing for years as Western regimes lurch between the populist right, who want a return to the Nation State and national sovereignty, and neoliberal left, who require a centralised globalist empire.

We know the DNC don’t want real change because they are backing and protecting Joe Biden, but as an old white male, he will be the first to go.


These system changes are rarely peaceful. It is the beginning of the end of Western democracy and the beginning of deconstruction.  Deconstruction of sexuality, history, culture, government, the nation state. It is communism.  How do we know this? Because the older generation are not only discarded, they are disposed of as they have been in the pandemic. No one is protesting those thousands of deaths, they are history, the old guard, the first to be purged.

In London outside Downing St, the heart of the government, people gathered to protect the statue of Churchill, they were moved away by the police so the statue could be defaced by protestors, the same happened with the Cenotaph.  The police enabled the demonstrators and vandals.  Unlike Churchill, Boris Johnson is an appeaser. 2020 year zero, the erasing of history overseen by our leaders. The end of democracy, the beginning of the age of the cult.  It’s not China we need to be focusing on, it is the enemy within,

“The press must grow day in and day out — it is our Party’s sharpest and most powerful weapon.” – Stalin

Strong and unexpectedly powerful movements come from a state of weakness and uncertainty. The West is in exactly such a moment, self-loathing and suicidal.  The mob met no resistance. They became the protagonists, they highjacked the narrative, and the more brutal their tactics, the less the intervention from the authorities. It emboldened them, they enjoyed the power, the grown-ups were terrified of being called racists if they tried to stop it, and authorities told their police to stand down, even as their neighbourhoods burned. Shop owners screamed, “we are with you”, as their windows were bashed in .  Never appease the mob.

The four ‘Olds’ must  be torn down.

Old Culture

Old Ideology

Old Customs

Old Traditions

Woke is a facade, what is underneath is an angry, entitled, selfish generation full of rage. Their toys are rocks, bombs, abuse and bullying with which they express themselves.

There is a fine line between democracy and chaos, and this movement shows us just how fragile this semblance of civilisation is. Violence has become a game watched on a monitor, where the victims are just objects, this has now been brought into our cities and acted out in real life.

Globalisation and the assimilation of culture and peoples into one homogenous mass, the dream of the European Union a new Empire, the Globalist Corporates and the elites, was the perfect backdrop for such an event.  Half the work was already done for Antifa, and they have been allowed to roam the streets, bully and intimidate for years.  The education system had already been infiltrated and far left ideology and if lecturers did not do their bidding they were removed.  History books are slowly purged from college libraries and the new progressives are coming to power in America and all over the West.  Political correctness, woke culture and identity politics have made the general population fearful of speech, fearful of the police, the nation state with all its diversity of culture is dying.

The young like things to happen fast, social media is set up for them to make judgements without thought or debate, if they try to debate they will be silenced by their peers.

“Social-Democracy is objectively the moderate wing of fascism.” – Joseph Stalin

The Purge

This is the awakening of the great moral and political public confessional of sins.  The  ‘Kavanaugh show trial’ was the model, he begged for his life and career, judgment made by the MeToo movement.

Now we are beginning to see the framework for an entire ideology against which the peoples’ sins will be judged. The dismantling of the police and law and order in the States and across Europe is key to enabling this. The Democrats are exerting party discipline. Check your privilege, this way lies salvation, in debasement and atonement. At least Stalin called it for what it was, the taking of power.

Division creates chaos and makes people fearful. Fear makes people obedient to those wielding the power. Our governments have taken away freedoms from the many and given it back to the violent few. The big corporates are sponsoring the division, so you know it’s going to make them money, it is re-branding opportunity.

The Democrats have declared war on their own people because they have much to hide.

They are ripping their country apart encouraging violence and disorder.  It is even more essential that the partisan actors in the coup against Trump are brought to justice.  If it is seen that an ideologically driven faction can subvert and use the security services to undermine the constitution, the Rule of Law and the electorate. without being punished, it shows the public that their vote meant nothing, that democracy is ending.  Power without responsibility or accountability.

This fight for democracy is possibly a fight to the death.  It is the very lack of leadership, the lack of policing, the lack of upholding the Rule of Law and due process that have allowed the anarchistic dominance of our streets. The Republicans are responsible for this as much as the Democrats, few of them are willing to prosecute the leaders of the coup on the Presidency. The narcissistic youth see this and it is emboldened every day.

The DNC are using a scorched earth policy to bury their criminal tracks and win an election.

This generation have been produced and indoctrinated to consume at the behest of the multinationals and the elites.  Once you give power to the mob without impunity, without sanction, even for murder, you have released all the worst excesses of humanity.

This creature has no moral compass other than greed, jealousy and an insatiable thirst for power. Open your eyes America.  Look to your own house.This new virus is spreading around the world infecting a youth largely immune to the last pandemic.

This is a propaganda war and BLM and Antifa are winning. this is no longer the managed decline of the West, it is a descent into chaos. The Democrats in the US, the government in the UK are going to do everything they can to keep the population locked up and voiceless and to allow this power-grab to take hold.

Trump was seen as the law and order president.  No longer, his grip is weakening daily. Losing the House opened the door to serial impeachment attempts, it made him afraid to act decisively in these riots.  This violence on the streets was played out in front of his supporters.  Rightly, they are thinking, if Trump won’t help us, who will? Only an economic revival and a rallying call to his base can save him now, as his presidency grows ever more complacent.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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June 11, 2020

This follows the playbook of a “colour revolution”. and the murder of George Floyd plays the same role as the murder of “Neda” in Tehran, back in 2009. But there is no doubt, that Neda was as little murdered then by the Iranian government as the snipers on the Maidan in Kiev (who killed policemen as well as demonstrators) were ordered to do so by then Ukrainian president Janukovich.   And as little as the death of “Neda” and the snipers on the Maidan were caused by the government George Floyd was murdered because of the colour of his skin.… Read more »

Olivia Kroth
June 11, 2020

This made me laugh:
“Justin Trudeau proved himself to be even more of an embarrassment than usual. Never one to miss a photo opportunity, Trudy took the knee 3 times.”
Lucky Trudeau! He is young and can still flex his knees. That ole biddy Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of Congress, took the knee as well but could not get up without help.
Hahahahaha – a laugh a day keeps the doctor away.

June 12, 2020

This follows the playbook of a “colour revolution”. and the murder of George Floyd plays the same role as the murder of “Neda” in Tehran, back in 2009. But there is no doubt, that Neda was as little murdered then by the Iranian government as the snipers on the Maidan in Kiev (who killed policemen as well as demonstrators) were ordered to do so by then Ukrainian president Janukovich.   And as little as the death of “Neda” and the snipers on the Maidan were caused by the government George Floyd was murdered because of the colour of his skin.… Read more »

janet merryweather
janet merryweather
June 12, 2020

all lives matter
ban BLM and their soros backed militia

Olivia Kroth
Reply to  janet merryweather
June 12, 2020

Indeed, all lives matter! And history matters too, and so do historical monuments!

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