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‘I don’t want to be a traitor’ – Maduro defies US pressure on Venezuela

Via RT…

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said that he will not betray his country by yielding to Washington’s desire for regime change in Caracas, telling RT that he will not let history remember him as a traitor.

“I do not care how I’m going to go down in history, I’m not going to be a traitor, a weak one, like a man who turned his back on his historic commitments to his people,” he said in an exclusive interview with RT Spanish.

“I take advantage of every means of communication to ask the whole world to denounce and stop the madness of Donald Trump. Venezuela is never going to give in,” he told RT.

He added that “a wave of conscience” globally will lead to a “repudiation” of the US president.

Maduro said that the Venezuelan people were prepared to defend their “sacred” land from an US military invasion, but emphasized that he “prayed to God” that such a conflict will never occur. Trump’s “military aggression” must be rejected so that “peace prevails.”

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Olivia Kroth

President Maduro is a brave man, a great patriot, just like Hugo Chavez was. I am sure that he will be able to save Venezuela from US invasion and becoming just another US colony.

Olivia Kroth

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro: I Will Retire from Politics at Age 90

He once again ruled out stepping down as elected President of the country, telling RT that he expects to retire from politics at age 90 and live in Caracas.

“I will retire with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren when I turn 90 in a Caracas neighborhood, in the Ávila mountain or on a beach in Cata,” said President Nicolas Maduro in the interview with RUSSIA TODAY.

Olivia Kroth

Venezuela military sets up blockade on bridge to stop terrorists infiltrating from Colombia

The Tienditas Bridge, in the border between Cucuta, Colombia and Tachira, Venezuela, was blocked by Venezuelan military forces with containers on February 6.

Two blue shipping containers, an orange fuel tanker, and a transportable fence are barricading the Venezuelan bridge at a key border crossing with Colombia to block terrorists from entering the country.

Olivia Kroth

The supporters of President Nicolas Maduro reject foreign intervention

Olivia Kroth

Look at Iraq, Libya and Syria, then you will understand why Venezuela should never let the US interfere in its affairs.

Olivia Kroth

President Nicolas Maduro is welcomed by thousands who march in Caracas

Olivia Kroth

Long live the spirit of Hugo Chávez.
Adelante, Nicolas Maduro.
Fight and defend the rich resources of Venezuela, don’t allow the parasites of the USA and Europe to control your resources. Ride out this dirty CIA coup.

Olivia Kroth

Maduro plans to collect 10 million signatures against foreign interference A campaign was earlier started in Caracas to collect signatures against the US interference into Venezuela’s internal affairs CARACAS, February 7. /TASS/. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced his plan to collect 10 million signatures against the interference of the United States into Venezuela’s internal affairs. “I thank people that came to Bolivar Suqare in Venezuela to sign a petition and speak against the interference of the US empire into the affairs of our Motherland. This is a wonderful manifestation of love and consciousness. We are going to collect 10… Read more »

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